Begin The Siege With Tabletop Workshop’s New Castle Set!

September 26, 2014 by brennon

Tabletop Workshop have put their Basic Castle Set up for pre-order on their webstore! Every Englishman's home is his castle so I reckon we're all going to need to pick this one up...

Castle #1

Castle Tower

Castle #2

The set comes with...

  • 4 x Fortified Round Towers
  • 3 x Fortified Walls
  • 1 x Fortified Castle Wall Gate
  • 4 x Tower Wall Connector Pieces

...and is a big modular plastic kit that allows you to do some fighting inside and on the walls and towers as well as on top of them during a siege. We've previewed their sets a long time ago and it's great to see it hit the webstore properly. You'll have a very basic square castle with this, in terms of set-up, but it would be perfect for some skirmishing or if you fancy playing out a grand siege.

I haven't played many sieges before on the tabletop so it would be cool to see how it works using some good terrain like this. If what you're fighting over looks great then you'll little men will fight much harder!

Will you begin erecting your castle?

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