Tabletop Workshop Finally Build Their Castle Watchtower!

August 18, 2014 by brennon

We've had a fair few previews of this over the past few weeks and months but the 28mm Watchtower is now actually available from Tabletop Workshop and as you can see below it's quite the intricate piece of kit...

Castle Watchtower

Castle Watchtower Assembly

It's a very nice piece of terrain and certainly shows how much you can do with plastic! It would be ace to have a few of these placed around the tabletop in a skirmish game, or maybe even one as the focal point of an objective based battle. With that in mind you'd then be able to do some cool fighting from floor to floor!

A very nice piece of terrain and we can't wait for their awesome looking castle!

Would you grab this for your historical or fantasy table?

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