Stunning Work From The Winners Of Tabletop World’s Competition

May 9, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

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It's moments like this where I am really proud of this hobby...

TW 1st diorama

Tabletop World is showing off the top three winners of the recently completed painting competition and the work is brilliant!

TW 1st close

TW 1st arch

First place went to Simone Pohlenz, from the UK with this "The Fisherman's Wharf". This is such a beautiful diorama! You literally don't know where to look first.

TW 1st flowers

There is so much detail packed into the piece. I'm a sucker for flowers and flock on terrain and Simone really delivered with this scene.

TW 1st fish

The splash of colour just pops in the darker paint scheme, but not at the expense of looking unnatural. Just, Wow.

TW 1st fresco

Then there's the market space, where the fish is being cleaned and crabs are ready to sell by the basketful. And then there was the little gem that really made this piece for me, the gorgeous fresco on the side of one of the buildings! Seriously, gorgeous.

Venetian Scene

The second place winner is David Rumeau, from France with "Venezia il Sérénissime", with a stunning Venetian diorama.

TW 2nd all

This is another lovely piece that's packed with detail.

TW 2nd close

TW 2nd close2

There's a bit of a lighter colour scheme for this one, but still incredible attention to detail with the characters and more fantastic flock work.

A Village Cottage

And last, but certainly not least, is Tilo Schmiedl, Germany with Cottage. This is the perfect example of how a single piece can really hold their own even with the likes of stunning dioramas.

TW 3rd

This little cottage has such wonderful care in the weathering effect and various shades of colour in the stones- and of course, there's flowers and flock work!

TW 3rd 2

Well done to the talented winners of the competition that found themselves in possession of credit to buy more lovely terrain from Tabletop World.

What do you think of the winning pieces?

"I'm a sucker for flowers and flock on terrain and Simone really delivered with this scene..."

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