Tabletop World Builds Another Tabletop Townhouse

August 21, 2014 by brennon

Tabletop World are celebrating more fans on Facebook by announcing that Townhouse III is now available on their webstore! Check out another amazing piece of terrain...

Townhouse III

Townhouse III Kit

The house is made of stone to show off the luxurious nature of its construction and let it stand out amongst the other wooden buildings in the town. It also comes in four parts allowing you to decorate and indeed fight on the insides if you so wished! I think it would be fairly awesome to have these kind of buildings in games of Cutlass! or of course anything historical. You could have a bit of a fist fight or riot happening in the streets!

The detail on these buildings are amazing and the town that Tabletop World are creating is slowly growing into something very impressive. One day we'll see a whole table laden with these creations!

What do you think?

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