Tabletop World Tease New Coaching Inn Project!

November 5, 2013 by brennon

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Tabletop World consistently create some awesome looking terrain and their latest project looks to be a Coaching Inn. See what you think of this preview of it below.

Coaching Inn

I am already excited. I love the detail that they manage to get into their sculpts and this one is going to be just as impressive I warrant. One of the best things is working out what extras they are going to include.

Ruined Coaching Inn

This is one of their previous pieces of work, the Ruined Coaching Inn. Maybe this new piece will be a fully constructed version of this but from what we've heard this is going to be the biggest and most complex model they have ever put together!

This should be a mammoth piece and we're going to see more about it come November 15th.

Will you be booking into this Inn?

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