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New Necrons Stumble Forth From The Tombs For Warhammer 40,000

6 months ago 11

With Saturday's announcement of a new Codex for the Necrons a host of new models where also showcased by Games Workshop.

A Black Libraries Worth Of Codices Announced For Warhammer 40,000


It's been a busy weekend for Games Workshop with a whole Thunderhawk Gunships worth of releases announced for Warhammer 40,000. For the bookish types amongst us they have dropped the virus bomb that in the last three months of 2020 they won't be releasing one new Codex

Hawk Tell Us What’s Inside The Dropfleet Starter Box


Hawk Wargames have given us a little of their thinking behind the contents of their Dropfleet Commander Starter Box which will be available through the Kickstarter.

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