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Fantasy Digital Terrain From THMiniatures


I am a big fan of Thierry's work for THMiniatures, over the past several years he has been building up a line of large fantasy-themed terrain with a Confrontation aesthetic that looks amazing on the tabletop regardless of the system you plan on using it with. 

One Page Rules Bundle An Entire Dwarf Army For 3D Printers


One Page Rules have just bundled together an armies worth of STL files for a dwarven army and it's on their shop page on CGTraders right now with a 20% discount if you're looking to pick up a 3D bargin.

Last Sword Miniatures Unveil Their Patreon


Last Sword Miniatures are a company from Spain who have done some spectacular resin models for fantasy gaming. Standing out among past offerings are their Undead range that have a french feudal knight theme and the Lizardmen army that was […]

Last Chance! Grab The Shadowsands Thieves On Patreon


With June almost at an end the Thieves of the Shadowsands are about to disappear from the Heroes Infinite Patreon, so you have less than two days to jump on if you want to get this bevvy of beauties at a ridiculously low price from Raging Heroes. They've been showing off another collection of stunning work from their supporters on their blog and they have once again shown off how great these sculpts are.

Final 42 Hours for Rocket Pig Games’ Monstrous Kickstarter


If you are a fan of the 3D print side of the hobby and are into your fantasy gaming or roleplaying with miniatures then here is a Kickstarter you should seriously take a look at and you'll have to be quick if you want to grab it as there will be no pledge manager. Rocket Pig Games is moving into the final two days of it's Kickstarter.

Kordran Conflict Kickstarter Summary


Josh from Plastic Alchemy joins Justin in the studio to talk more about the Kickstarter for Kordran Conflict.

3D Printing Fabled Realms Miniatures with 4Ground


Today I have a special interview with Cad & Ben from 4Ground to learn more about how they're printing their miniature range for Fabled Realms.

VLOG: 3D Printed Voyages


Meanwhile... in the tinnitus simulation room

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