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3 Colours Up: Painting Joan of Arc


Today I'm painting up the magnificent Joan of Arc model from Mythic Games.

Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternal VLOG – Part 6


Good day everybody! Come on in and have a look at what I am doing with the Stormcast today.

How To Paint A Deadzone Plague Commander Part 2!


It's time for the next stages of painting our Plague Commander for Deadzone in a H.R. Giger style! Romain moves on to adding lighting effects and showing off the shadows on this cool and creepy miniature.

Dust To Dust: How To Paint Rusty Armour Plates!


In this episode of Dust to Dust our resident Tank God takes us through the process of making run down, rusty, metal armour and plating for your battle hardened miniatures! What do you think of the technique?

How To Add Weathering To Your Guns!


In this episode of Dust to Dust we're showing you a super fast way to darken down your guns and make them look like they've been out in the field getting burnt, battered and beat down!

Dust to Dust: Weathering Axis Armour Plates


The tank god is back for another great episode of Dust to Dust. Get your painting and weathering gear ready as John breaks out his Axis Heavy Walker and shows us how to make a mess of all those armour plates so it looks like it's been in the wars!

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Nihilakh Oxide


Want to try and get a verdigris effect on your tanks and armour? See what you think of the Nihilakh Oxide Technical paint from Games Workshop!

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Typhus Corruption


It's time to corrupt up all those vehicles of yours with another of the Games Workshop Technical Paints, Typhus Corruption. See what you think of this paint and comment below!

Painting Samurai Cavalry from Wargames Factory… Part 4


Romain puts the last touches to his Wargames Factory Samurai Cavalryman, before moving to the final stages.

Painting Samurai Cavalry from Wargames Factory… Part 3


Romain begins work on his Samurai Cavalryman from Wargames Factory.

Painting Non-Metallic Metal… Part 1


Romain begins a tutorial on the (often requested) technique needed to paint non-metallic metal. Using a cool Guardia model from Tercio Creativo's 1650 range.

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