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3 Colours Up: Painting A Tiger 1 – Part One Camouflage


Today I’m taking over the 3 Colours Up set and painting one of my favourite tanks and one I’ve seen myself in the Bovington Tank Museum, the Flames of War Tiger 1.

3 Colours Up: Painting A Baroque Pattern


Today I’m back in the Hobby Lab to show you how to paint the beautiful pattern of Baroque.

3 Colours Up: Painting A Granite Texture


3 Colours Up: Painting A Fabled Realms Druggoi Glutton


Waffen SS Army VLOG – Part 11


Today I embark on completing the basecoating stages for the Waffen SS…

3 Colours Up – Painting Bright White Armour


3 Colours Up: Painting a Chibi Elf – Part One


It’s time we had something different in our painting range, something for the chibi fans out there so we’ve grabbed our box of Super Dungeon Explorer and began work on the Chibi Elf alchemist.

Wrath Of Kings Week: Painting The Longhorn – Part One


Join us for an epic painting tutorial this week
as we show off how to paint up the Longhorn
of the Nasier from Wrath of Kings.

3 Colours Up: Painting Calico Kate – Part One


Today Romain is painting some Relic Knights;
the beautiful Calico Kate from the
Star Nebula Corsairs range.

3 Colours Up: Painting A Predator – Part One


Today we’re taking a look through the Prodos range to give you an excellent tutorial on how to paint a model from the Alien Vs Predator range, it’s the Predator himself.

3 Colours Up: Romain’s Age Of Sigmar Armour Painting Bundle


Join us for another dose of awesomeness this Christmas as we collect together Romain’s Age Of Sigmar Armour Painting Series for you to watch, all for FREE!

3 Colours Up: Painting White Armour


Today Romain is covering a tricky subject in painting as he covers techniques for painting white armour.

3 Colours Up: Painting A Bamaka Warrior – Part One


Team Yankee Leopard – How To Paint West German Infantry


Moving away from vehicles we take a look at Battlefront’s tips and tricks for painting your West German Panzergrenadiers from Leopard.

Team Yankee Leopard – How To Paint The West German Leopard 2


When it comes to painting your West Germans there are many techniques. Battlefront show off one such way as they paint the Leopard 2 from the new Team Yankee book.

3 Colours Up – Painting Yellow Armour


Catch us for a special 3 Colours Up
as we show you how to paint
Yellow Armour for
your Infinity Soldiers!

3 Colours Up: The Kukulkani – Part One


Today Romain’s going to show you how to base coat the Kukulkani, blends the skintones together
and delving into some Mayan history too.

3 Colours Up: Blue Alien Skin Tone – Part Two


Today we’re going to be finishing off the model in more detail with additional shading and topping things off with a touch of highlighting on some key features of the model.

3 Colours Up: Blue Alien Skin Tone – Part One


Today we continue our series of learning how to paint skin tones with a look at Blue Alien Skin…

How to Paint Tartan… Part 1


Time for something a little more advanced as Romain takes us through the steps to painting tartan cloth with freehand techniques, using none other than William Wallace from Infinity.

3 Colours Up: Painting An ALEPH Skin Tone – Part One


Hello folks! Romain is back to show you How To Paint some pale skin tones. This time we’re taking a look at how to paint the skin tones of the ALEPH from Infinity.