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Warhammer 40K Painting Tutorial – Aeldari Howling Banshee


John gets stuck into a new painting tutorial as he shows off the classic colour scheme of the Biel Tan Craftworld on a Warhammer 40,000 Aeldari Howling Banshee.

3 Colours Up: Painting Glowing Flames


3 Colours Up: Painting Gruesome Zombie Flesh


3 Colours Up: Painting a Chibi Elf – Part One


It's time we had something different in our painting range, something for the chibi fans out there so we've grabbed our box of Super Dungeon Explorer and began work on the Chibi Elf alchemist.

3 Colours Up: Two Brush Wet Blending Tutorial With Dallas


Dallas from Privateer Press has been with us in the studio with his beautiful sultry voice that could carry you off to Valhalla itself. *swoon*

3 Colours Up: Painting Blue Marble


Today Romain is sculpting out a marble sheild for us.

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Blood Angels Tactical Marine


Duncan Rhodes takes you through another staple of the Blood Angels army with a How to Paint Tutorial on the Blood Angels Tactical Marines that will be taking to the tabletop soon for Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000...

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Painting A Maggoth Lord #2


In part two of this Games Workshop tutorial Duncan Rhodes takes you through some of the techniques used when detailing the beast such as its horns, tongue, maws and of course all the gore caked over it's lovely rotting body!

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Painting A Maggoth Lord #1


Another cracking painting tutorial from Games Workshop has popped up for their Maggoth Lords that will be heralding in the time of Chaos and the supremacy of Nurgle in the world of Warhammer Fantasy. Check out part one where they start work on the skin of the beast...

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Wood Elf Treeman Durthu #3


In the final part of this three part tutorial the folks at Games Workshop work on blending across a the miniature as well as getting that awesome glow effect from the fiery heart of Durthu. Let us know what you think!

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