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Community Spotlight: Scratch Building Rome, An Imperial Assault & Inquisitor Covenant

4 years ago 15

Scorecards at the ready, let's go!

Community Spotlight: Ginny Greenteeth, Apocalyptic Basing & A Reaver For Cause


Community Spotlight: Corrupted Rhinos, Dark Angel squads & Dueling Cowboys


We don't mind if you're a newcomer to painting or a veteran of the brush, everything you do inspires us and everyone else to crate more content and hobby together!

Community Spotlight: A Super Terrain for Chibi Minis, Crypt Flayers & Intercessor Squads


Boy Howdy, we've got a doozy this week!

Community Spotlight: Calth Armies, Tattoo’d Orcs & Moving Turbine Engines!


Another week has passed and we've been fishing around the Hobby & Painting forums for some awesome paints, sculpts and general awesomeness from the community.

WAYPN 4,000 Post Celebration & Awards


Having inspired us to get painting and sharing our hobby caladors needs us voting to crown some community champions!

Community Spotlight: Scatter Terrain Challenge Finalists


Come and take a look at the other awesome finalists we picked out for our Scatter Terrain Challenge.

Weekender: 40k Inquisitor Movie & Boot Camps Announced


This week has been packed with content including Re-Roll a Digital Digest for Backstagers, Bootcamp announcements and an in depth view on fan made films and the success of The Lord Inquisitor.

Community Spotlight: Eco Pods, Air Raids, Royal Guards & The Start Of A Forest


The Beasts of War Forums have been overflowing with some amazing projects to show off.

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