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Tips For Building Your Own Wolsung: SSG Tabletop


Find out how to build your own Tabletop Terrain for Wolsung...

Hobby Lab: Flat Pack Travel Rock Set


Hobby Lab: Orky Barricades Da Boss Wud Be Proud Of!


Da Boss needs good defences to shoot from and this terrain is perfectly haphazard and awesome to make so we just had to give it a go.

How To Build The Dark Age Gaming Table


Dark Age week starts Monday!!!!, John & Warren show us how they built the gaming table.

Mennes’ Mini-Mashup: Convergence of Cyriss’ Re-Imagined


Mr Mennes is back to join us in the studio once more with the Convergence of Cyriss from Privateer Press.

Mennes’ Mini-Mashup: TrollBloods Kitbash – Part 2


Tomas Mennes is back with us in the studio to show us Part Two of his amazing Trollblood mash-up!

Mennes’ Mini-Mashup: TrollBloods Kitbash – Part 1


Tomas Mennes has joined us in the studio to bring us an epic mashup!

Hobby Lab: Old Timey Western Water Tower Part 2


We're back with another Hobby Lab, this time we're confinuing off where we left off last week and building the scaffold part of the Modular Water Tower.

Hobby Lab: Old Timey Western Water Tower Part 1


Yes, it's Hobby Lab time and this week we're bringing you a water fuelled two parter episode in which we show you how to make this awesome Modular Water Tower.

Hobby Lab: Creating Modular Security Fencing


Hobby Lab is back for a new series!

Creating An Age of Sigmar Gaming Table – Super Detailing Loch Death


Another entry in the Loch Death project as Warren plays around with adding those extra little details to the table bringing it to life.

Creating An Age of Sigmar Gaming Table – Layout Test


Work on the Lake Town inspired table for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar continues apace as the framework is being laid out to see what works best...

Creating An Age of Sigmar Gaming Table – Building Begins


Warren has got his supplies and with the help of John is starting to turn his plans of a Warhammer: Age of Sigmar inspired table into a reality. Many coffee stirrers shall be sacrificed to complete this table.

VLOG: Creating An Age of Sigmar Gaming Table – The Planning Phase


Warren's getting excited for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and has decided to build a new gaming board to play the game on. In this first of a series of special VLOGs he sits down with Justin to plan out the project.

Build: Ork Battlewagon Part2


John completes the build of the Ork Battlewagon by Games Workshop.

Build: Ork Battlewagon Part1


John dips into the scrap yard to build the Ork Battle Wagon.

Build: Sanguinary Guard | Seven Days of Sanguinius


John Looks over the build process for the Sanguinary Guard.

Build: Death Company Marine | Seven Days of Sanguinius


John Builds up a Death Company Marine.

Build: Baal Predator | Seven Days of Sanguinius


John takes you through the build of the new Baal Predator

Nid Week – Build: Pyrovore


John gets firey while he builds the Pyrovore

Nid Week – Build: Converting a Carnifex


John breaks out the craft knives and take's on the Hive Mind, making a Carnifex to make the Hive Fleet proud!

Building The Trygon


John gets stuck into a Tyranid Trygon model!

Build: 88mm Gun | Forged in Battle


building one of the 88mm Guns

Build: Open Fire | Flames of War


John has an easy job building the Open Fire starter set

Build: Tau Skyray | Warhammer 40k


John builds the Tau Skyray

Build: Greatcoat Troopers | Wargames Factory


John gets the glue out

Build: Mumak of Harad


John helps to break Minas Tirith by building up the Mumak of Harad

Nid Week – Build: Venomthrope


John gets all tangled up in the Venomthrope

Build: Fortress of Redemption


John builds the Fortress of Redemption from Games Workshop

Build: Quantum Gothics Armoured Bunker


John performs some resin surgery

Build: Imperial Guard Sentinel


John was up early for this build

Build: Land Speeder


John Builds the Space Marine Land Speeder

Build: Wolf Guard Terminators


John gets fuzzy

Build: Vindicator Seige Tank


John pulls on his overalls

Build: Empire Steam Tank | WHFB


Empire Steam Tank

Build: Tau Piranha | Warhammer 40k


John gets with the fish

Build – XV8 Crisis Suit


Well we told you we'd do some tau!

Build: Space Marine Dreadnought | Warhammer 40k


John tackles the ancients

Build: Razorback Transport


the Razorback Transport

Building the Predator Tank


John opens the tank factory once again to build the Space Marine Predator Tank

Build: Soul Grinder | Warhammer 40k


John summons a war machine

Building the Land Raider Redeemer


John, undertakes the build of the Land Raider Redeemer, here is more text to see what happens in related links boxes when there's more on the first line.

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