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Grab Quick Start Force Lists For Dystopian Wars – Get Playing Quickly!


Get stuck into our Quick Start Force Lists for Dystopian Wars which will offer up great jumping-off points for you to get started in this excellent naval wargame!

Lucid Eye Releases Their Own Game Engine For Free


Lucid Eye has been working away in the background and they have now released the Lucid Eye Game Engine which has been written by the masterful Rick Priestley.

Wander Through A Stinky Shroom Grotto With Printable Scenery


Printable Scenery has now released all of the STL Files for you to start downloading and printing off their rather fun looking Shroom Grotto tiles and terrain for use in your tabletop games.

The Nerdist Crew Release Carnival Row RPG Supplement


If you've then been tempted to think about roleplaying in its world then Nerdist has done you a favour and made a free download for the Cypher System with a Carnival Row RPG Supplement.

Devil’s Run RPG Quickstart Now Available For Download


Modiphius has added a new Quickstart RPG download for you to check out for The Devil's Run. 

OPR Release Updated Grimdark & Age Of Fantasy Rulebooks


One Page Rules (OPR) have updated their rulebooks for both Grimdark Future and Age Of Fantasy.

Firelock Games Release Preview Of Oak & Iron Rulebook


Firelock Games has released a cut-down version of their Oak & Iron Rulebook so you can get a handle on the core rules and mechanics before the game releases.

Experience The Grimdark With 28 Volume #1 Launch


A new e-zine has launched over the last couple of days called 28.

Download The Final Instalment Of Para Bellum’s Conquest Short Story Series


The final instalment of Para Bellum Wargame's Conquest short story series, Nepenthe, has been released.

Black Scorpion’s Cutlass! Rules Now FREE To Download


Black Scorpion Miniatures has made their rules for Cutlass! free to download. You can snag your copy of these skirmish game rules HERE. 

TANKS: The Modern Age Exclusive Rulebook Download!


Grab yourself an exclusive FREE download of the TANKS: The Modern Age Rulebook so you can learn how to play this new Gale Force Nine game!

Part Two Of Conquest Novella Available From Para Bellum


Part Two of Para Bellum's Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings Novella is now available to download. Nepenthe: Deliberations is available HERE.

Grab Your Free Genestealer Cult Necromunda Download


Forge World and Games Workshop has provided a free download for including Genestealer Cults in your Necromunda games.

Para Bellum Present Part One Of Conquest Stories As Free Download


Para Bellum are diving into the background of Conquest with a new story series exploring how the war between the Hundred Kingdoms and the Spyre first began.

Paranoid Miniatures Launches Landfall Campaign For Mythos


It's been in the works for a while now, but the Sea Queen's campaign for Mythos has finally arrived. It was the Sea Queen that started it all for Paranoid Miniatures and Mythos.

SAGA II Skraeling Rules Appear For Download


Studio Tomahawk has now made the SAGA 2nd Edition rules for the Skraeling faction available for download.

TTCombat Release Dropzone Commander Beta Rules


While they are still going to be getting updated in the coming weeks and months this is the first look at the Dropzone Commander Beta Rules.

Let’s Play: The Walking Dead – EXCLUSIVE Finders Keepers Scenario


It's Finders Keepers as Gerry faces off against Justin!

Let’s Play: The Walking Dead – EXCLUSIVE Grab The Goods Scenario


Download New Roster Sheets For Age Of Sigmar & Warhammer 40,000


While it might not be the biggest news, two new PDF download options have been added online by Games Workshop for Age Of Sigmar & Warhammer 40,000 players.

Learn To Paint The Daqan Of RuneWars With The Army Painter Guide


We had the Waiqar The Undying Guide not long ago from Fantasy Flight Games and The Army Painter and now they've put together a great tutorial on getting your Daqan force from RuneWars to the tabletop without much hassle!

Download Re-Roll Issue #4


Download Re-Roll Issue #3 Now Last Few Days!


Issue 4 will be dropping over the next few days, so get Issue 3 while you still can.

Download Re-Roll Issue #2 Now!


Download Re-Roll Issue #1 the Backstage Digital Digest


Plane Shift: Innistrad Comes To Dungeons & Dragons


Wizards of the Coast has made it possible for you to explore the Magic the Gathering plane of Innistrad in Dungeons & Dragons. The download of Plane Shift: Innistrad is available now to combine two of your favorite games.

Paolo Parente’s DUST 1947 Rules Available For Download [Updated]


Over on the DUST Facebook Group a Download Link is now available for you to snap up the new rules for the re-named game, DUST 1947.

Modiphius Put Together Free Conan RPG Quickstart Download


Modiphius are currently running their Conan Role-Playing Game Kickstarter and to get you interested in backing they have now produced a free Quickstart Download which will allow you to try out the system and see if you want to play the game...

Hobby Lab: Creating Modular Security Fencing


Hobby Lab is back for a new series!

Download The Star Wars Endor Aftermath X-Wing Rules


You saw us play out the fight on the Live Blog and now you can download all the PDFs you need to play out your very own Endor Aftermath in X-Wing where the Rebels are trying to destroy a last Imperial base on the forest moon!

Mantic Games Warpath 2 Alpha Rules Download & Exclusive Look At Enforcer Interceptor!


Backstagers can exclusively download the Mantic Games Warpath Alpha Rules alongside two Army Lists for you to try them out with for both the Enforcers and The Plague!

Stunning Step By Step Demo Game Instructions Available For Journey!


Marrow has released a stunning, full color demo rule book to give gamers a feel for how Journey plays. The demo set is available for download right now to get you up to speed before your game arrives.

Backstage Download – Bolt Action: Civilians In War Rules PDF


We've worked with an industrious community member to come up with some awesome rules for using Civilians in your games of Bolt Action! If you're a Backstager you can check out the PDF Download within!

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