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Fantasy World Creator Kickstarter is Live!


Colour me excited! Game Start Edizioni has just launched a Kickstarter for a Fantasy World Creator reprint.

New Realm Spells & More For Age Of Sigmar Champions Revealed!


We have seven brand-spanking-new cards to reveal for the Age of Sigmar Champions TCG from Play Fusion.

Lightseekers Kindred Card Reveal – Everok Architect


The mountain card reveals for the new Kindred wave are firing out thick and fast now. 

Exclusive Lightseekers Kindred Card Reveal!


The guys at Play Fusion have kindly given us a new card to reveal for the next wave of Lightseekers cards launching next month.

The Legions Of Nagash Rise With New Battletome In Age Of Sigmar


Continuing with news from the weekend, we also got news about what's coming for Age Of Sigmar. The realm of Shyish (Death) in Age Of Sigmar is the focus of Malign Portents and that means we need a new Battletome for the undead and Legions Of Nagash from Games Workshop.

Total War: Warhammer II – Tomb Kings // Journey From Tabletop


Rise of the Tomb Kings announced!

Palladium Books Post Terrible News Regarding Carmen Bellaire


We have learned some very sad news regarding Carmen Bellaire.

Tabletop Otaku: Japanese Movies For Your Halloween


Japanese cinema is well known for its tradition of terrifying horror movies and since it is now October, the month of ghost and ghouls and all things creepy, I asked my friends and co-workers for the movies they recommend to watch this Halloween.

Light Up The Skies in DUST 1947


New Units from Axis in service with the Liftwaffe Ground Forces from Paolo Parente's Dust.

Ajax Ready for Battle!


The team over at Nonsense Miniatures and Miniature Tale have joined forces to create this new model for all your Mythological armies, Ajax. Ajax, or Aias is the son of King Telamon who is portrayed as a towering figure across […]

Dark Souls Late Pledges End Friday 2nd


If you missed your chance during the funding period, Steamforged are allowing late pledges up until this friday 2nd September.

Vlog: Team Yankee Tanks! & New Campaign Coming Soon!


The heatwave has struck and we're a little delirious around the studio

40k Charted – Horus Heresy: Betrayal At Calth News Flash


40k Charted is back with a quick update and news flash on the rumours that we're hearing about the Horus Heresy: Betrayal At Calth Boxed Set that we're going to be seeing on pre-order this weekend from Games Workshop.

Weekender: Star Wars At Salute & Carnevale Chat!


We've been working away like mad to get the Star Wars: Assault On Hoth participation game ready for Salute 2015!

Forge World and Warhammer Forge at Gamesday UK 2010


We couldn't go to Gamesday UK and not visit the Forge World stand but wait this year there was also a Warhammer Forge stand!

Romeo & Adam Discuss the New Infinity Bag


Adam tracks down Romeo to get the latest on the new Infinity bags, a new Warmachine bag, and finally we get to hear about Battle Foam Design.

Warpath Corporation Troopers in Full Color


So tonight saw a slew of corporation pics unleashed to the masses. Lets take a look shall we?

Leaked 6th Edition 40K Heretics Rulebook is Real… But…


After a lot of digging and snooping around, the inter-webs and other virtual and real dustbins (did we say how much we enjoy old cheese and jam sandwiches) of the great citadel (or should that be Citadel), we have some very interesting news/theories (you decide) about the so-called Heretics 40K Rulebook… or the 6th Edition Leak for those with little flair for the dramatic!

Hot Looking Oct Releases for Infinity


October seen the release of 5 new additions to the Infinity range and as always they are damn hot.

Skullvane Manse Lair of the Astromancer


This new piece of empire real estate is large, good for giving your battlefield some needed line of sight blocking and something you'll have to plan your movement around.

Battlefoam Infinity Bag Available from Today!


That's right guys, the Infinity ALPHA  bag from Battle Foam, with the exclusive Yuan-Yuan model... is available NOW!

Dark Age October Releases


This month some more miniatures will be joining the twisted chaos of Dark Age. Check these guys out.

New Necron Catacomb Command Barge


Check out this leaked image of the brand, spanking new Games Workshop Necron vehicle... The Command Barge!

Let’s take a look at the September Infinity Releases.


Here’s a quick look at all the Infinity Goodness that arrived this September.

Infinity Insider Pics – Karakuri Special Project


"Karakuri Special Project” - Three miniature box set to replace the current single blister.

Check out the offerings from Runic Miniatures


Runic Miniatures do quite a quirky line in miniatures. If you haven't checked them out before, then why not take a look.

Adventurer’s Atlas Have a Map for Every Occassion


Looking for something new to play your games on? Well look no further than these maps supplied by Adventurer's Atlas.

More Bio-Tech Covenant From HiTech


HiTech have got some new members for the Bio-Tech Covenant. Take a look and tell us what you think.

Wreck Age’s New Artwork for the Stitchmen Hunters


Wreck Age have put up the latest concept art for their upcoming dystopian style sci-fi game. Take a look at these guys

Ainsty’s New Battle Wall Terrain


Ainsty Castings have a new a selection of battle wall terrain for your sci-fi gaming pleasure, take a look and see what you think.

Latest New Concept Art for Bushido


The latest piece of concept art for Bushido has gone up and it is looking good. Check this out.

August Infinity Releases – Do you have a favourite?


So as August draws to a close it’s a good time to have a look at all the Infinity releases of the month.

Free Assassin Comic From Mongoose Publishing


To help introduce people into the boardgame Dark Eon Assassin: Tyrant of Acheron, Mongoose Publishing have a released a new free to download comic!

New Foolish Release For Frebooter’s Fate


Freebooter Miniatures have put up the greens of the newest miniature for Freebooter's Fate, the Fool!

What Shall We Do With Reaper Miniatures Drunken Mice?


Reaper Miniatures have put up the greens for their new Tavern Mouslings, check out these drunken critters.

New Samurai Heads From Kromlech


Fancy giving your sci-fi guys a bit of a Japanese feel? Well now you can with the new Samurai heads from Kromlech.

Fat Spider Crack the Earth With Their New Bases


Fat Spider have some new bases for you to send your minis over a landscape of cracked earth and rock. Check these out.

Heroclix Unveil the Flood


WizKids have put up the pics of the latest addition to their Halo Heroclix range, the Flood.

Unusual New Discovery in the World of Relics


An unusual new discovery has come to the attention of the Mad King of Britnana. Could it possibly be the new packaging for the Relics starter sets?

New Praesentia Releases From Critical Mass


Critical Mass have some new releases for the Praesentia forces. Check out these troops and vehicles.

15mm Sci-Fi Interior From Khurasan Miniatures


Khurasan Miniatures have got some new interior 15mm terrain for you sci-fi gaming. Take a look.

Puppets War Bring Out Their Big Guns


Puppets War have released their new Walker Dual Canons so you can now bring some real fire power to your wargames. As usual from Puppets War these are some truly impressive looking weaponry, sure to strike fear into anyone they're […]

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