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VLOG: Preparing Bolt Action Korea Tables


Gerry and John have been googling furiously to prepare the upcoming Bolt Action Korea Tournament.

VLOG: Discover How We Made Our Cliffs & Cobbles For The Wrath of Kings Table


Hobby Lab: Orky Barricades Da Boss Wud Be Proud Of!


Da Boss needs good defences to shoot from and this terrain is perfectly haphazard and awesome to make so we just had to give it a go.

How To Build The Dark Age Gaming Table


Dark Age week starts Monday!!!!, John & Warren show us how they built the gaming table.

VLOG – Bolt Action Locked & Loaded Returns


Warren takes us through an update of what's happening with Beasts of War including a discussion of a possible PLOG (you might need some boots, clothes and a motorcycle for this one). Plus, he shows off his latest Ebay purchase.

Creating An Age of Sigmar Gaming Table – Layout Test


Work on the Lake Town inspired table for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar continues apace as the framework is being laid out to see what works best...

Creating An Age of Sigmar Gaming Table – Building Begins


Warren has got his supplies and with the help of John is starting to turn his plans of a Warhammer: Age of Sigmar inspired table into a reality. Many coffee stirrers shall be sacrificed to complete this table.

VLOG: Creating An Age of Sigmar Gaming Table – The Planning Phase


Warren's getting excited for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and has decided to build a new gaming board to play the game on. In this first of a series of special VLOGs he sits down with Justin to plan out the project.

Exploring Exodus XLBS – Adding Terrain To The Wild West


For our first XLBS Edition of Exploring Exodus we look at how Terrain can effect your gaming experience in Wild West Exodus. From the large of buildings by Micro Art Studios to small barrels and cacti we've got you covered!

VLOG: Bolt Action Boot Camp – Getting into the (Electro) swing of things


The Bolt Action Boot Camp is almost here and the team has the music pumping to help them get into the groove when adding the finishing details to the tables the lucky boot campers will do battle on this weekend. Plus details on the Infinity Boot Camp.

VLOG: Bolt Action Boot Camp Progress + Mantic In The Studio


With the Bolt Action Boot Camp a little over a week away the team is working hard to complete the tables for the event. Not only that we have Rich from Mantic Games in the studio as he and Justin are in the middle of filming a new series...

VLOG: What’s Going On Up BOW’s Back Alley


With the Bolt Action Boot Camp soon the team is working frantically to get the gaming boards ready. Some of them have disappeared into the back alley behind our offices and Lloyd's on hand to find out what's going on...

VLOG: Salute Recovery, Bolt Action Prep & Next Boot Camp Announcement


The team are now safely back (and recovering) in the River Side Studio after Salute and it's now time for our next project; The Bolt Action Boot Camp. Plus, Warren reveals what game is getting the Boot Camp treatment in June!

VLOG: Star Wars’ Echo Base Switches On


Let there be light! Echo base has got the electricians in as we've used LED lighting to bring the Rebel's ice home to life!

VLOG: The Battle of Hoth Takes Shape


The team are working away on getting the board for our Salute 2015 Battle of Hoth game ready and it's really taking shape. We've even got an impressive looking Echo Base for our Rebel force.

VLOG: The Amazing 4Ground Feature Table


Wanna see a crazy beautiful Dropzone Commander Gaming Table?

Hobby Lab: Creating Cool Battlefield Craters


In this episode of Hobby Lab we create some really cool craters using the fields we made in an earlier episode called "Dual Scale Threshed & Ploughed Fields".

Hobby Lab: DIY Telegraph Poles With Our Handy Guide


In this Hobby Lab we create some telegraph poles using a handy PDF guide we have created that look great in a game of Bolt Action.

Hobby Lab: Easily Made Pallet Scenery!


In the grim dark future there are only old wooden pallets to protect you!

Hobby Lab: Make Cool Palm Trees With Our PDF Template Part 2


In part two of our guide to making gaming palm trees Lloyd get's busy with paints and a Scouring Pad!

Hobby Lab: Make Cool Palm Trees With Our PDF Template Part 1


Discover how to build some really cool looking palm trees for your gaming table.

Hobby Lab: The Complete Guide to Asteroids


Hobby Lab: Making Model Gaming Trees (It’s Fast & Fun!)


Make any gaming table more attractive by making your own super cool trees. In less than 20 min you could have your first tree done!

Hobby Lab: Creating City Roads & Blocks Part 2


In this episode we showing you how to makeup and apply a Beasts of War MagiMix that will create a cool concrete texture!

Hobby Lab: Creating City Roads & Blocks Part 1


Want to play epic battles in a massive cityscape? We show you how to create awesome City Roads & Blocks in this multi-part Hobby Lab!

Hobby Lab: Making Cool Camo Nets With Stencils


Download Our Unique Camo Stencil Set Inside!

Hobby Lab: Heroic Barb Wire


One of the best barbed wire techniques you will ever try, Perfect for Warhammer 40K, Bolt Action and every gaming table you want to go 'CRUNCH'!

Hobby Lab: Making Amazing Hedgerows The Easy Way!


With this tutorial you will know all you need to cover a 6x4 or greater gaming table with hedges galore!

Hobby Lab: Dual Scale Threshed & Ploughed Fields


We show you how to build some great fields for your gaming table! Note: An adult should supervise any younger viewers who wish to follow this tutorial.

GameScape: How to Build an Epic Forest Gaming Table Part 4


Lloyd adds finishing details to the gaming table to create the rocky hillsides lush with plants & the protective edging!

GameScape: How to Build an Epic Forest Gaming Table Part 3


Do you want to build an epic forest gaming table? If you do watch this series for ideas & tips!

GameScape: How to Build an Epic Forest Gaming Table Part 2


GameScape: We Build an Epic Forest Gaming Table Part 1


Backstagers can now enjoy our GameScape series in which we show you how to build an epic gaming table from planning to completion.

Spaceship X Scratching our Plastic Space Hulk Itch?


How long have you been waiting to create Space Hulk boards in plastic? Your wait could be over!

British Packing Crate Decking from Antenocitis Workshop


Ever wondered about the floors and ceilings in movies like Starwars and Aliens... Well the story goes a bit like this... "In sci-fi films such as Star Wars and Aliens… the films were made at British film studios where, when […]

Tread carefully my Friends! Sketches for Dwarf Kings Hold


We have just received some concept sketches of the tiles that will be used for the Dwarf Kings Hold... Mantic's eagerly anticipated dungeon romp!

More Hardfoam & Resin Terrain from Mirco Art Studio


To round off the week I thought it would be nice to have a look at some more Hardfoam and Resin Terrain from Mirco Art Studio :)

Review: Battle Build Trench System


John reviews a cast resin modular trench system

Review: Quantum Gothic Watch Tower


John gets guard duty

Build: Armoured Gate


John couldnt think of a better way

Review: Quantum Gothics Armoured Gate


John opens the gates

Build: Quantum Gothics Armoured Bunker


John performs some resin surgery

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