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Total War: Warhammer II – We Are Surrounded // Journey From Tabletop


This time we find ourselves surrounded as the Norscan Tribes begin to show off the might of their Barbarian Hordes.

A Song Of Ice & Fire: Stark Army Tactics With Michael Shinall


Today Justin joins Michael Shinall from CMON to talk about the Stark Faction within the A Song of Ice & Fire Miniatures Game.

Let’s Play: Flames of War 4th Edition – Expanding Your Forces

4 years ago 15

Today in Flames of War 4th Edition, we have a special over the seas guest with us.

Let’s Play: Wild West Exodus – Expanded Stake A Claim Scenario


Darren from Warcradle returns to the forest mines this week to show Justin the Stake a Claim scenario in Wild West Exodus.

Tales From Blood & Plunder: French Buccaneers Vs. English Caribbean Militia


Warmachine Khador Vs Mercenaries 25 Point Game


Guild Ball Proving Grounds: Morticians vs Union – BoW Team Battle


Who is winning this brawl on the field?

Flames Of War 4th Ed: Playing With Anti-Tank Weaponry


Warmachine Tactics: Slamming Enemies To Death


E'rrybody get up, it's time to SLAM now!

Guild Ball Proving Grounds: Union Vs Morticians


Flames of War 4th Ed: Learning Afrika Korps


Guild Ball Proving Grounds: Masons Vs Union


Jamie from Steamforged Games has entered the pitch and he's joined by our own waterboy John.

Let’s Play: Warpath – Operation Heracles


Weekender: Learning Farmer’s Guild Tactics & Strange Dungeon Monsters On Kickstarter


We talk with Steamforged about some tactics for the Farmer's Guild & More!

Warmachine Tactics: Manipulating Positioning


I'm back again with Will from Privateer Press to talk more tricks and tactics in Warmachine.

Warmachine Tactics: Piece Trading; What To Sacrifice?


We're discussing the tactics of Piece Trading...

Warzone: Resurrection Tactica – How To Use The Wolf Spider & Nova


Learn all about the tactics of The Wolf Spider & Cybertronic Nova for your games of Warzone: Resurrection thanks to community member siygess!

Let’s Play: Dropfleet Commander – UCM Vs UCM


Time for some Tournament level play!

The Legends Of Fabled Realms: Fighting With The Eightfold Path Faction


The Legends of Fabled Realms: Fighting As The Druggoi Faction


Warmachine Tactics: Spatial Awareness In Games


Unleashing Wrath Of Kings: Little Piggies Are Off To Market



Unleashing Wrath of Kings XLBS: Favouring Movement For Victory Points


In this episode, Bryan is favouring the key movement strategy of his faction to expect Victory points later in the game.

Ship Battles & Boarding Actions In Blood & Plunder


We’re going to be learning about Ship Battles & Boarding Actions in Blood & Plunder.

A Guide To The English In Blood & Plunder


Learn how to use The English in your games of Blood & Plunder.

Raiding From The Sea In Blood & Plunder: Spanish Vs Brethren Of The Coast


Learn how to raid from the sea and up onto the beaches in Blood & Plunder.

A Guide To The Unaligned In Blood & Plunder


We’re turning our attention to The Unaligned who are piratical fellows in Firelock Games’ Blood & Plunder.

How Commander Levels Affect Blood & Plunder Crews


We take a closer tactical look at Blood & Plunder with Firelock Games and talk about how Commander Levels affect your crews.

A Guide To The French In Blood & Plunder


Learn how to play as The French in Blood & Plunder!

A Guide To The Spanish In Blood & Plunder


Learn how to play as The Spanish in Blood & Plunder!

How To Play Blood & Plunder


We talk with Mike & John from Firelock Games about How To Play Blood & Plunder.

Warzone: Resurrection Tactica – How To Use The Bully & Emancipator


Learn all about the tactics of The Bully & The Emancipator for your games of Warzone: Resurrection thanks to community member siygess!

Warmachine Tactics: Boosting Your Attacks


In this episode John is met with Will Hungerford from Privateer Press to show off some neat tricks and tips on how to better your Warmachine games.

Total War: Warhammer – We Are Defeated!


Let’s Play: Lords of Hellas // FREE Leonidas For 1st Day Backers!


Total War: Warhammer – Call Of The Wild


Let’s Play: Wolsung – Wild Night In Town


Unleashing Wrath Of Kings: Manipulating Motivations


Today we're learning about manipulating motivations in Wrath of Kings!

Unleashing Wrath Of Kings XLBS: Go For Broke! Breaking Army Morale


It's time for us to learn more about Wrath Of Kings as we we delve into how to break the enemy morale and chase them from the tabletop.

Total War: Warhammer – Mousillon’s Last Stand


This Week Sam's off to the battlefield once more in another march into our Total War: Warhammer series. Will blood spill in his favour? Time to find out...

Warmachine: Khador Versus Mercenaries [25 Point Battle]


The wrecking riot of the Iron Kingdoms rages on!

Let’s Play: League Of Ancient Defenders (LOAD)


Justin and John go head to head once more!

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