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Unboxing: V For Victory Rulebook & Accessories | Studio Tomahawk


Gerry dives into one of the most exciting World War II wargames that has been released in recent years. Gerry takes a look through the rules for V For Victory from Studio Tomahawk which allows you to dive into 28mm skirmishes with a focus on infantry encounters.

Unboxing: Great War German Army Set – Steiner’s Stosstruppen | Battlefront Miniatures


John gets stuck into an unboxing and review of the German Starter Set for Flames Of War: Great War by Battlefront Miniatures. This set, Steiner's Strosstruppen, was re-released recently and gives you a good starting point for 15mm Historical wargaming during World War I.

Unboxing: Foldi Go – A Great New Painting Lamp? | The Daylight Company


At the UK Games Expo, we spied this neat lamp from the folks at The Daylight Company that we thought would be fantastic as a portable painting light for those with limited space. See what John makes of the Foldi Go in this unboxing and review.

Unboxing: Great War British Army Set – Mitchell’s Marauders | Battlefront Miniatures


John dives into an unboxing and review of the British Starter Set for Flames Of War: Great War by Battlefront Miniatures. The Mitchell's Marauders set was re-released recently and with the Battle Of The Somme beginning on this very day (1st July), it seems apt that we should start to look through the miniatures for use in 15mm Historical wargames.

Unboxing: Conquest Inquisitors & Eidolon | Para Bellum Games


Gerry gets stuck into an unboxing of more of the awesome 35mm Fantasy miniatures for the City States of Conquest. This is a double review looking at the Inquisitors and the Eidolon from Para Bellum Games.

Unboxing: Blade Runner RPG – Case File 02: Fiery Angels | Free League Publishing


Gerry unboxes the new Case File for Free League Publishing's Blade Runner RPG. Case File 02: Fiery Angels plunges you into a new thrilling investigative scenario exploring the boundaries of Replicant technology and its consequences.

Unboxing: Foot Knights (1150 -1320) – Age Of Chivalry | Wargames Atlantic


Gerry breaks open the first of Wargames Atlantic's Age of Chivalry boxes which has been made in collaboration with Andy Hobday and Paul Hick of Footsore Miniatures & Games for their Barons' War skirmish game. He takes a look over the brand new Foot Knights (1150-1320) box which is packed full of medieval warriors ready to take the field for your wargames.

Unboxing: Dungeon Lord Pack – Magnetic Dungeon Tiles | Modular Realms


Gerry takes a moment to unbox a set of double sided magnetic terrain from Modular Realms that he first discovered at the UK Games Expo this year. The Dungeon Lord Set contains a wealth of double-sided plastic tiles to build an infinite variety of dungeons for your RPGs.

Unboxing: Painting War – World War 2 British And Commonwealth | Miniaturama Publishing


With the theme of the past few weeks being World War 2 wargaming, Gerry has a look at Issue 14 of Painting War by Miniaturama Publishing which looks at painting guides for your British and Commonwealth soldiers. A very handy guide if you've been inspired by D-Day.

Unboxing: Mutant Year Zero – Zone Wars | Free League Publishing

1 month ago 2

Gerry dives into the new miniatures board game from Free League Publishing, Zone Wars. Zone Wars is set in the Mutant Year Zero roleplaying world and uses 32mm plastic miniatures. This Post-Apocalyptic game comes from legendary designer, Andy Chambers!

Unboxing: Hail Caesar Epic Battles Miniatures Preview | Warlord Games

2 months ago 2

Gerry gets a look at some preview sprues for the new Hail Caesar Epic Battles: The Punic Wars wargames by the team at Warlord Games. Find out what the sprues are like ahead of getting your pre-orders in for this Ancient wargame.

Unboxing: Achtung Panzer! – Blood & Steel Starter Set | Warlord Games


Gerry unboxes and reviews the new Achtung Panzer! Blood & Steel Starter Set from Warlord Games, allowing you to dive into some 28mm tank-based combat in World War II. See what we make of the contents of the set.

Unboxing: Star Trek Away Missions – Commander Scotty Expansion | Gale Force Nine

2 months ago 1

Gerry unboxes and reviews another of the newer expansions for Star Trek: Away Missions by Gale Force Nine. In this one, we push the engines as far as we can with a boxed set for Scotty who comes with Uhura, Sulu and Leslie.

Unboxing: Masters Of The Universe: Battleground – Wave 6 | Archon Studio


Gerry checks out the Wave 6 releases for Archon Studio's Masters of the Universe: Battleground. With a new Gamefound campaign imminent we thought it was a great time to check out this skirmish boardgame based on the classic cartoon and with the continued release of new.

Unboxing: Masters Of The Universe: Battleground | Archon Studio


Gerry takes a look at Archon Studio's 2 player starter set for Masters of the Universe: Battleground. As it returns to Gamefound for a new campaign we thought it was a great time to check out this skirmish boardgame based on the classic cartoon.

Unboxing: Dungeon Saga Origins – Core Game | Mantic Games


We dive into an Unboxing and review of the new Core Game for Dungeon Saga Origins by Mantic Games. If you're looking for a new dungeon-delving experience like that of HeroQuest but with a bit more bite, make sure to see what Dungeon Saga Origins has to offer.

Unboxing: Frostgrave – Mortal Enemies | Osprey Games


Gerry takes some time to dive into a review of the newest expansion for Frostgrave from Osprey Games. Have a look inside the pages of Mortal Enemies and see what you think of this way to add a villain to your campaigns!

Unboxing: Citizens Of Rome (Gangs Of Rome) | Wargames Atlantic


Gerry dives into the new 28mm plastic set for Gangs Of Rome by Wargames Atlantic. He unboxes and reviews the Citizens Of Rome set that provides you with enough miniatures for your gangs, mobs and more.

Unboxing: Star Trek Away Missions – Captain Kirk Federation Expansion | Gale Force Nine


Gerry reviews and unboxes the Star Trek Federation Expansion for Captain Kirk. Head back to the Original Series and bring some iconic characters to the tabletop from Gale Force Nine for Star Trek: Away Missions.

Unboxing: Afghan Cavalry | Wargames Atlantic


Gerry explores another of the awesome 28mm Historical plastic sets from Wargames Atlantic. In this unboxing, we review the contents of the Afghan Cavalry set which covers the period of Imperial Conquest but could fit into older and more modern settings.

Unboxing: Star Trek: Away Missions – Q Organized Play Kit | Gale Force 9

3 months ago 0

Gerry has an encounter at Farpoint as he cracks open the first organised play kit from Gale Force 9 for Star Trek: Away Missions, and sees what madness and mischief the Q Continuum have to offer the galaxy. 

Unboxing: Conquest Ironclad Drake & Rider | Para Bellum Games


Gerry dives deep into the vaults of the Dweghom and unboxes and reviews another of the mammoth kits for 35mm Fantasy wargame, Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings. See what he makes of the Ironclad Drake & Rider from Para Bellum Games.

Unboxing: Fortune And Glory Revised Edition | Flying Frog Productions

3 months ago 2

Gerry dives into the mammoth new Revised Edition of Fortune And Glory that is up for pre-order from Flying Frog Productions. If you're a fan of event-style board games with a Pulp adventure vibe to them, Fortune And Glory should be in your collection.

Unboxing: Landsknecht Ogres – The Vain | Wargames Atlantic


Check out Gerry's unboxing and review of the 28mm plastic Landsknecht Ogres from Wargames Atlantic who can also be built as The Vain for your Fantasy and Sci-Fi tabletop wargames. See what you make of this ace plastic set.

Unboxing: Dragonbane Bestiary | Free League Publishing

3 months ago 2

Gerry takes a look inside the impressive Dragonbane Bestiary from Free League Publishing for their fantastic Fantasy roleplaying game that might be a good way for you to step away from D&D and try something new.

Unboxing: Conquest Nords Werewargs | Para Bellum Games


Gerry has a look at more of the snarling 35mm Fantasy miniatures for the Nords of Para Bellum Games' Conquest. This time, we have a look at the Werewargs that you can unleash on your enemies.

Unboxing: Dead Man’s Hand Redux 2 Player Starter Set | Great Escape Games


Gerry gets a look at the brand new Dead Man's Hand Redux 2 Player Starter Set and reviews what you get inside. If you've not tried Great Escape Games' 28mm Wild West wargame, this is a perfect place to start with plastic miniatures, terrain and updated rules.

Unboxing: Conquest Vargyr Lord (Artisan Series) | Para Bellum Games


Gerry dives into an unboxing of one of the gorgeous 35mm Artisan Series miniatures from Para Bellum Games for Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings and First Blood. Here, we have the Nords' Vargyr Lord who will be rampaging across the battlefield.

Unboxing: Altar Of The Dead Gods – Terrain, Rules & More | PWork Wargames


Gerry dives into an unboxing of the awesome new skirmish game from PWork Wargames. Altar Of The Dead Gods takes Horror, Fantasy and a touch of the Lovecraftian to create an awesome skirmish miniatures game!

Unboxing: Big Box Of Dungeon Doors | Loke BattleMats


Gerry goes through the awesome new Big Box Of Dungeon Doors from the folks at Loke BattleMats. These are perfect portals for your perilous dungeon delves in games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Dragonbane and beyond.

Unboxing: RedGrass Painting Handle, Toppers & Upgrades | RedGrass Games


A lot of folks will be familiar with RedGrass Games and their painting handles. In this video, Gerry unboxes and reviews the RedGrass Painting Handle XL alongside some of the toppers, upgrades and more that you can use alongside it.

Unboxing: This Quar’s War: Clash Of Rhyfles | Wargames Atlantic & ZombieSmith

4 months ago 6

Gerry dives into an unboxing of the awesome new 28mm plastic kit from Wargames Atlantic for This Quar's War: Clash Of Rhyfles. This new Starter Set is a great way for someone to dive into playing the game that originally released from ZombieSmith. 

Unboxing: Chaos Blood Rider | Wargame Exclusive

4 months ago 0

Gerry returns with another unboxing from the folks at Wargame Exclusive. Here, he unboxes and reviews the awesome 32mm resin Chaos Blood Rider that can be added to your armies of the grimdark future.

Unboxing: Epic Encounters – Cave Of The Manticore | Steamforged Games

5 months ago 0

Gerry unboxes another of the Epic Encounters sets from Steamforged Games, perfect for those looking to create interesting encounters for Dungeons & Dragons adventures. In this one, we explore the Cave Of The Manticore.

Unboxing: 28mm Dark Age Archers & Slingers | Victrix Miniatures


We continue to unbox and review the impressive 28mm plastic sets from Victrix Miniatures. This time, we review the Dark Age Archers & Slingers that can be used across a variety of factions in your Dark Age and Early Medieval Historical miniature wargames.

Unboxing: Dystopian Industrial Set | Warcradle Scenics


We dive into an unboxing and review of the new Dystopian Industrial Set from Warcradle Scenics which is an awesome set of 6mm to 15mm scale terrain perfect for the likes of Armoured Clash (coming later this year), Legions Imperialis, BattleTech, Dropzone Command and more.

Unboxing: Greater Good Traitor | Wargame Exclusive


If you're looking to defy The Greater Good then how about the Greater Good Traitor from Wargame Exclusive as a fun alternative miniature to lead your T'au army in Warhammer 40,000?

Unboxing: Skeleton Cavalry And Chariots | Wargames Atlantic


Gerry unboxes the awesome set of 28mm Skeleton Cavalry And Chariots from Wargames Atlantic. There is a lot more in this box than you'd expect and it is perfect for those looking to build Warhammer: The Old World armies and forces for other Fantasy wargames.

Unboxing: Epic Encounters – Camp Of The Bandit Twins | Steamforged Games


We dive into a look at another of the awesome Epic Encounters sets from Steamforged Games, perfect for those looking to expand their Dungeons & Dragons miniature collection. This time, it's the Camp Of The Bandit Twins.

Unboxing: 28mm Late Roman Archers & Slingers | Victrix Miniatures


Build up your Late Roman and Arthurian age armies as Gerry unboxes the 28mm Late Roman Archers & Slingers from the folks at Victrix Miniatures. You've got the makings of some good skirmishes within this set.

Unboxing: Ork Looted Dread Boss | Wargame Exclusive


We get a closer look at the Looted Dread Boss from Wargame Exclusive. It might be the perfect 28mm Sci-Fi leader for you to use when making a new Ork army in games like Warhammer 40,000.

Unboxing: General Accoutrements For Wargaming | Wargames Atlantic

5 months ago 0

Gerry dives into some handy essentials for all wargamers. Wargames Atlantic has created a set of General Accoutrements for 28mm wargamers that includes shields and horses. These could be great for all genres, all time periods and all sorts of miniature wargames.

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