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3 Colours Up: Cerastus Knight [Part Three]


John has bust down the front door to make sure you get to see the final part of his Cerastus Knight paint job.

3 Colours Up: Painting Freehand Imperial Fist Emblems


We're back once more paint up an Imperial Fist Emblem for your Space Marines!

3 Colours Up: Painting Non-Metallic Metal Freehand Chrome


We've showed you Gold and Silver and now it's time to paint up some 90's style Chrome, perfect for those androids you're looking to paint up!

3 Colours Up: Painting Calico Kate – Part Three


Today it's all about the finishing touches and finer details.

3 Colours Up: Warmachine Emblems – Cygnar


Freehanding emblems can be easy when you have the proper guidelines. In this video Romain is going to show you how to paint Warmachine's emblem for Cygnar.

3 Colours Up: Night Elf Skin Tone


Romain is back again this week to continue the skin tone series. This week he's painting a Dark Elf who commonly have darker blue and violet skin.

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Blood Angels Rhino


Duncan Rhodes is back with some more painting tutorials with the release of the Blood Angels. First up he's going to be showing you how to paint up a Blood Angels Rhino...

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