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Antares Rising: Demo Game – Learning The Basic Mechanics


Welcome to Antares Rising where we're going to be taking you deep into the world of Beyond The Gates Of Antares by Warlord Games.

Antares Rising XLBS: Meet The Factions Of Gates Of Antares


We're diving back into the world of Beyond The Gates Of Antares as we learn about the different factions within the world by Warlord Games.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon Demo Game


It's time for us to battle as mighty Gods as Leo from Mythic Games joins us and runs us through a game of Mythic Battles: Pantheon.

Let’s Play: The Walking Dead – All Out War


Join us as we try and survive the zombie apocalypse in a Let's Play of The Walking Dead: All Out War.

Let’s Play: GF9 Tanks with Phil Yates


We're playing Tanks today from Gale Force Nine, joined by our friend and the games master himself Phil Yates.

Riot Games Head To The Tabletop With Mechs Vs Minions


Riot Games, the minds behind League Of Legends, have now decided to take their talents to the tabletop and created the board game Mechs Vs Minions!

Bolt Action 2.0 Locked & Loaded XLBS: Countering Heavily Armoured Forces


Join us Backstage as we explore how you're going to counter those Heavy Armour forces out there in Warlord Games' Bolt Action 2.0.

How To Play RuneWars: The Miniatures Game By FFG


Surviving Eden Battle Report – ISC vs Matriarchy


This will be a no hold back game and I'll be playing the amazing Matriarchy, whereas Fréd will be playing alongside the mechanical robots of the ISC.

Infinity Battle Report – Yu Jing VS Haqqislam 300pts Match


We're upping the ante as Carlos & Killian clash once again bringing the points up to 300 for this Infinity Battle Report!

Infinity: Operation Red Veil Week – How Do Dice Modifiers Work?


Get your head around how Modifiers work within the world of Infinity in a How To Play video from Corvus Belli...

Infinity: Operation Red Veil Week – Face To Face Rolls


In this video for Red Veil Week we're going to be looking at Face To Face Rolls and how they work in Infinity. Learn more about shooting, AROs and armour within...

Infinity: Operation Red Veil Week – How To Play & Game Concepts


If you're new to Infinity this video will guide you through the basic game concepts and how to play. Next step; getting stuck into the action yourself!

White Dragon’s Shattered Void Kickstarter Launches!


White Dragon Miniatures are now on Kickstarter with the launch of their Sci-Fi dogfighting game called Shattered Void.

Surviving EDEN: The Wasteland Chainsaw Massacre


It's time for more tips & tricks for the world of EDEN. We've got a special weapon up our sleeves...hint, it makes a buzzing sound and looks like a chainsaw.

Surviving EDEN XLBS: Battering The Bikers


We may have gotten a little over zealous in the frontstage show with tiny Lamas and her devastating chainsaw. Let's find out how to counter her!

40k Charted: Orks – Part Two


Surviving Eden: Fighting The Matriarchy


Today we've decided to change things up a little and re-configure our factions. The Jokers are facing off against the fearsome Matriarchy.

Surviving Eden XLBS: Overthrowing The Matriarchy


As you witnessed the Matricarhy are quite the nasty bunch and a force to be reckoned with.

40k Charted: Psychic Powers – Part Four


40K Charted: Psychic Powers 101 – Part Three


40k Charted: Psychic Powers 101 – Part Two


AJ and Warren return this week to further discuss the terrifying but often neglected Psychic Powers of Warhammer 40,000.

Conquering Kings of War XLBS: Beating The Orcs To The Punch


As you may have seen, the Orc Faction have been drilling through our armies in the Frontstage Show, however I've brought out my prized Dwarf unit, the Brock Riders!

Exploring Exodus: Rev Your Engines & Rider Out!


We're back in the shanties of the Wild West in Wild West Exodus. In this episode we're talking about the speedy Outlaw Iron Horse along with the beefcake that is the Enlightened/Outlaw Doomsday Heavy Support capable of ramming down the opposition!

Exploring Exodus – XLBS: Vehicle Tactics & Ride By Attacks


Welcome to the backstage version of Exploring Exodus where we look at more tactics for Wild West Exodus.

Entering The Warzone: Opposing The Sacred Warriors


Rob joins Justin again today for more on Warzone: Resurrection and the tactics of the game. In this episode we're facing off against the deadly Sacred Warriors.

Entering The Warzone XLBS – Combating The Warriors Advance


We discussed how ridiculous the Sacred Warriors are despite their looks, but we cannot be defeated that easily!

Exploring Exodus – The Influence Of The Enlightened


In this episode we are joined by Dr. Carpathian's Enlightened forces ready to show us how Influence works in Wild West Exodus as well as some tricks they themselves are capable of. How about Thomas Edison Phonic Blasting his troops towards opponents?

Exploring Exodus XLBS – Offensive & Defensive Use Of Influence


It's time to take a more in-depth look at Influence as Sean from Outlaw Miniatures sits down with Justin to explore both its offensive and defensive uses in games of Wild West Exodus.

Entering The Warzone – Understanding Rapid Deployment


For this edition of Entering The Warzone for Warzone: Resurrection we are tackling something Beasts of War community member siygess is having problems with, Rapid Deployment spam!

Entering The Warzone XLBS – Rapid Deployment Countermeasures


We've explained how Rapid Deployment is used in Warzone: Resurrection but now we get the chance to show siygess how he could combat players who are using this tactic.

Conquering Kings of War – Flying Troop Tactics


We take to the skies of Mantica as we look at how you can use flying troops to your advantage in your games of King of War. Utilise your wings to leap over troops to tackle them from all angles.

Exploring Exodus – Special Rules In Action


It's time to take a look at how we can utilise special rules in our games of Wild West Exodus. Rules which can turn the tide and give you the last laugh when you thought all hope was lost.

Exploring Exodus XLBS – The Universal Special Rules Of WWX


Justin sits down with Sean from Outlaw Miniatures to get a grasp of the many universal special rules that can be found in Wild West Exodus. From Bellringer to Decapitation, Tangle, and beyond we've got you covered.

Drop Tactics – PHR Apollo Jump Jet Ambushing


For this episode of Drop Tactics we leap buildings in a single (jet assisted) bound as we take a look at how the PHR's Apollo Strike Walkers can ambush opponent from above in your games of Dropzone Commander.

Drop Tactics XLBS – PHR 1500 Point Tournament List


You've seen the PHR in action but what would an army list for them comprise of? In this video Simon from Hawk Wargames sits down with Warren to cover a 1500 point tournament list for this faction.

Entering The Warzone – Juggernaut Wall Smashing


It's time for some brute force in our games of Warzone: Resurrection as we explore the wall smashing ability of the Bauhaus' armed to the teeth Juggernauts. There's a Imperial Commander holed up in a bunker and we need to root him out!

Entering The Warzone XLBS – Taking A Bite Out Of Juggernauts


Justin may have found it tough going so far against the might of the Bauhaus Juggernauts but he has a couple of aces up his sleeve in the form of a pair of Imperial Greyhound LAFV's. How will they get on?

Conquering Kings of War – Taking Aim With Shooting


Even in the fantasy world of Kings of War your troops can lock, load and shoot their way to victory. Rich from Mantic Games shows Justin how he can incorporate these units into his army.

Conquering Kings of War XLBS – Wheeling In The Warmachines


It's time to wheel out the heavy duty firepower as in this XLBS edition of Conquering Kings of War we take a look at the mighty Warmachines and the effect they can have in battle.

Exploring Exodus – Explosive Death With The Enlightened


In Wild West Exodus getting killed can have explosive consequences, especially when The Enlightened are involved. In this episode of Exploring Exodus we take a look at their TNT rule and how it can effect units on each side of the battle.

Exploring Exodus XLBS – Dead Eye Gun Masters


Sean from Outlaw Miniatures sits down with Justin to take a look at the characters who can claim to be the best shot the world of Wild West Exodus; will your gunslinger of choice feature?

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