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Kordran Conflict Kickstarter Summary


Josh from Plastic Alchemy joins Justin in the studio to talk more about the Kickstarter for Kordran Conflict.

Claim The Power Of A Superhero As Aberrant Comes To Kickstarter


Onyx Path Publishing have launched a new Kickstarter to help fund an updated, printed edition of the classic superhero RPG Trinity Continuum: Aberrant.

PSC Games Play Through Britannia’s History In Restored Classic Game


PSC Games are heading to Kickstarter today to bring out a new version of the classic historical board game Britannia. 

Set Sale As A Pirate Of A Shattered World


A new RPG mixing science-fantasy with swashbuckling adventure has come to Kickstarter in Pirates of a Shattered World. 

Horror RPG ORPHEUS Protocol Fights Against The Darkness


Varcolac Press are Kickstarting a new horror RPG setting you against the forces of occult and cosmic horror that threaten to engulf us all. Welcome to The ORPHEUS Protocol.

iFun4All Challenge You To Survive Their Halls Of Horror


A new survival horror game has come to Kickstarter, challenging players to see who will be the last one standing as they are pursued by a relentless killer. Can you survive the Halls of Horror? 

New RPG Afterlife: Wandering Souls Explores What Comes Next


New indie RPG Afterlife: Wandering Souls has come to Kickstarter, funding an exploration into the whatever lies beyond the veil of death. In Afterlife, you take on the role of the newly deceased. Together with those others whom you met […]

Gangfight Games Introduce The World Of Runerunners


A fantasy world, drenched in the glamorous style and crime of the roaring twenties, is coming to Kickstarter.

The Chronicles of Darkness Crossover For Contagion Chronicle Kickstarter


Onyx Path Publishing are currently running a Kickstarter to help publish their upcoming crossover book for Chronicles of Darkness; The Contagion Chronicle.

DreamForge Kickstart Their Eisenkern Grav-StuG


DreamForge have gone to Kickstarter to help fun their latest sci-fi vehicle, the heavily armoured Eisenkern Grav-StuG.

Weekender: NEW Infinity Daedalus’ Fall & Win Wrath & Rapture!


Welcome to the Weekender, where we are joined by another special guest! This week, it is none other than Mel Bose the Terrain Tutor.

Fantasy World Creator Kickstarter is Live!


Colour me excited! Game Start Edizioni has just launched a Kickstarter for a Fantasy World Creator reprint.

Adventure Through Wild Assent On Kickstarter


Wild Assent, the hybrid miniatures board game from Lazy Squire Games, has now launched on Kickstarter.

Dreeples Are Back On Kickstarter & Ready To Take Over Your Games


If you are looking to take your Meeples to the next level, then look no further than Dreeples! Dreeples are Dragon Meeples that can easily be substituted in your games to represent your favorite color or theme in a game.

AEG Take Thunderstone Quest Back To The Dungeon On Kickstarter


AEG have launched a new Kickstarter for the deck building card game Thunderstone Quest, bringing it Back To The Dungeon.

Anno Domini: 1666’s Kickstarter Draws To A Close


Wargamer Studios' Kickstarter for Anno Domini: 1666 has entered its final hours after a successful run of crowdfunding.

NERO Dice Kickstarter Changes The Shape Of Dice


There's just something to be said for the weight of aluminum dice. The NERO Dice Kickstarter has put a great twist on the classic shape of dice with beautiful colors to add to your dice collection.

New Stretch Goals And Add-Ons Appear For The Core Space Kickstarter


With ten days left on the Kickstarter, Core Space is doing very well, with a host of free stretch goals and new add-ons making their appearance on Battle Systems' blog.

Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay Enters Final Days On Kickstarter


Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay -has entered its final days on Kickstater, but that doesn't mean that Panda Cult Games doesn't have a trick or two up their sleeves. Check out the fantastic stretch goals that are still up for grabs, including the fantastic Pandulu!

The Weekender: Star Wars Legion Announced & Our Gen Con Experience


Welcome to the Weekender... IN AMERICA, BABY!

Weekender: Marvelous Mechanical Dice Towers & Own The Biggest Miniature In The World!


Are you settled? Lets get stuck into another awesome Weekender of Tabletop News!

British Vs. Pirates To Return To Kickstarter This Fall


British Vs Pirates has announced there's more swashbuckling heading to Kickstarter late 2017 in British Vs Pirates Volume 2. With 3 new factions, more ships and forts, this second edition is sure to bring more excitement to the table.

VLOG: Anatomy Of A Kickstarter With Hawk Wargames’ Dave


We're talking with Dave from Hawk Wargames about the way in which a Kickstarter project comes together and the trials and tribulations of running a fundraiser.

Paranoid Miniatures Shows Off Brilliant New Card Art For Mythos


The brilliant art direction for Mythos, really captures the feel of Lovecraftian craziness, and Paranoid Miniatures has given their character cards a fantastic makeover! Have a look at the dark and gritty flavor of the characters.

Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts Takes To Kickstarter For Tabletop Fleet Battles


Gamers can command their own antigravity ships in the Heavy Gear universe in the latest Kickstarter from Fusion Core Studios, Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts. Do you have what it takes to bring down the enemy forces?

Loads Of Great Purgatory Goodies Coming To Salute This Weekend


Purgatory Miniatures will be at Salute with models, cards, comics and more this Saturday!

Stunning CNC Workshop Terrain Part Of The Twisted Kickstarter


The soon to launch world of Twisted from Demented Games will be featuring, and offering, some lovely terrain from CNC Workshop Miniature Scenery. This MDF terrain will undoubtedly bring your games of Twisted to life!

Build A Quick Map With TerraTiles Crytal Caverns From Rainn Studios


Take your RPG into the Crystal Caverns with the new Kickstarter from Rainn Studios. Terra Tiles: Crystal Caverns is a hexagon tile system, featuring beautifully colored terrain tiles to set the scene for your adventures.

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