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New Two Player Starter Set Coming For Kings Of War 3rd Edition!


A new Two-Player Starter Set is on the way from Mantic Games for those who want to dive into the new Third Edition of Kings Of War.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol Rules Preview – Does It Feel Super?


We take an early look at the rules for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Does it feel like it's going to be a fun jaunt into the Marvel-verse?

Lock & Load With New Upgraded Units For Star Wars: Legion


There is even more coming to Star Wars: Legion in the near future beyond the Clone Wars previews we saw at Gen Con 2019.

Get Started In SAGA With Gripping Beast’s Roman Warband


Gripping Beast has now added a new Roman Warband into the mix for those playing games of SAGA.

A Canoness Leads The Way For 40K’s Adepta Sororitas


Games Workshop has been previewing more from the growing Adepta Sororitas range which will (hopefully) be dropping into Warhammer 40,000 soon.

Reaper’s August Bones Black Release Is An Elven Wizard


Reaper Miniatures has been working away on another Bones Black release for August which can either be snapped up separately or as part of a bigger deal.

Six Awesome Clone Wars Releases Coming To Star Wars: Legion


Fantasy Flight Games were not shy about showing off the wealth of new releases coming to their Star Wars: Legion game and the new Clone Wars era.

Darksiders Fans Can Now Pre-Order A Massive Board Game


Darksiders Genesis is a new video game coming out where you take on the role of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Enter The Wilds With Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave


A new chapter has been opened in the ongoing Warhammer Underworlds saga from Games Workshop which charts the adventures of warbands in Age Of Sigmar.

Privateer Press Predict A Riot Quest At Gen Con


Privateer Press are at GenCon 2019 where there are showcasing two exciting pre-releases: their new game Riot Quest and the Warmachine: Oblivion Campaign.

BIG Aeronautica Imperialis Reveal From Gen Con 2019!

5 years ago 27

Building on their array of specialist games (for want of a better phrase), Games Workshop has been showing off the newest high-flying addition to the library, Aeronautica Imperialis. 

Mythic Bring Joan Of Arc 1.5 Back To Kickstarter + New Expansion


Mythic Games are going to be bringing Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc back to Kickstarter with the 1.5 version of the rules plus all of the goodness from the first time around.

Atomic Mass Reveal Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game!


Atomic Mass Games were hosted by Fantasy Flight last night to reveal something else with a Marvel spin.

Explore A Shattered Multiverse In Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter


Osprey Games has been teasing a few more bits and bobs about Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter which will be out in October this year, right in time for Halloween!

PSC Games’ Britannia Kickstarter Ending Soon


The classic Britannia from Lewis Pulsipher ended up back on Kickstarter thanks to PSC Games and the campaign is now closing in on the final hours of fundraising.

USAopoly Show Off Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition!


You are soon going to be able to adventure alongside your favourite Kingdom Hearts characters with Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition coming in Autumn of 2019 from USAopoly.

Games Workshop Tease New Primaris Goodies Coming Soon


Games Workshop looks to be planning some new releases for those Primaris Space Marine players out there.

Cowboys, Cannibals & Terrain At Gen Con For Wild West Exodus


With Gen Con just a couple of days away the team at Warcradle are getting us prepared for all things Wild West Exodus.

Enforce The Law With A New Surly Necromunda Crew


A new crew of Palanite Enforcers are on the way to restore order to this lawless den of scum and villainy. 

Three New Chaos Warbands Hear The Warcry This Weekend


Games Workshop is going to be expanding upon the bloodthirsty skirmishes of Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Warcry with three new warbands.

Ninja Division Finds Starfinder Miniature Solution With Archon


Ninja Division & Paizo have found a solution to their problems arising from the fulfilment of their Starfinder Miniatures Kickstarter.

CMON’s Heroes Of The Night’s Watch Hold Back The Darkness


CMON has shown off another set of miniatures which will be popping up for their A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game.

Sneak A Peek At The Upcoming Heroes Of Infinity: Defiance


Corvus Belli has now shown off the painted versions of their Infinity: Defiance heroes

Grab Recon, Armour & Artillery For Flames Of War This Week


Battlefront Miniatures are continuing to build up their range of options available for Flames Of War players.

Privateer Press Teach Folks How To Play Riot Quest


Privateer Press is gearing up to show off more of Riot Quest at Gen Con this year.

Ni No Kuni II: The Board Game Coming Soon From Steamforged!


Steamforged Games has announced that Gen Con this year will be the first time you can take a peek at Ni no Kuni II: The Board Game

Community Spotlight: Bounty Hunters, Mandalorians & Tiny Orcs


We're heading to a galaxy far, far away today and also looking at tiny Orcs for Community Spotlight!

Noble Lords & Nefarious Biomancers Lead Conquest Armies


Conquest welcomes even more characters to change up your army composition as Para Bellum Wargames previewed two more leaders this week.

Gale Force Nine Set Up Defences In A Wartorn Village


Gale Force Nine shared some more previews of the new Battlefield In A Box terrain which is coming very soon.

New Battle Sisters Repent & Bring Death To Their Enemies


Games Workshop is continuing their peek into what's coming for the Sisters Of Battle/Adepta Sororitas.

Free Folk Heroes Up Next For CMON’s A Song Of Ice & Fire


As the start of August approaches CMON has announced that the next big A Song Of Ice & Fire release from them is going to be the Free Folk Heroes Set. 

Stab Foes In The Back & Inspire With Faith In Conquest


Para Bellum Wargames has been delving into some new character releases for the world of Conquest recently as they showed off options for both the Spires and Hundred Kingdoms. 

Luke Clashes With Vader In New Star Wars: Legion Operative Sets


Fantasy Flight Games have turned to Return Of The Jedi for their latest Star Wars: Legion preview.

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