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Micro Art Offer Up A Coffin For Your Bad Dice


If you're looking to pick up something spooky for your games this Halloween then Micro Art Studio looks to be putting your bad dice in the grave!

Track RPG Initiative With Tabletop Artisan’s Turn Keeper


Whilst many of us just use a piece of paper to track initiative in our role-playing games Tabletop Artisans has gone one step further with their Turn Keeper on Kickstarter.

Bandua Keep You In Check With New Command Force Tokens


If you're playing Kill Team and want to mark things with something other than a dice, then Bandua Wargames has been working on some Command Force Tokens which can be used during your games. 

Hexy Head To The Crucible With New KeyForge Token Designs


Hexy is looking to get you prepped for a clash in the crucible during your games of KeyForge with a set of tokens for Fantasy Flight Games' Unique Card Game. 

3 Colours Up – Dark Geminids Of Uhl Gysh


Today Romain is painting up the Dark Geminids of Uhl Gysh from Age of Sigmar.

New Laser Towers & Cargo Crates Drop From Micro Art Studio


Micro Art Studio has a few new products in their collection this month for those that play Star Wars: Legion.

Middle-earth Dice & More Coming Soon From Games Workshop


Games Workshop has shown off some of the ace accessories which will be arriving alongside the new Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game releases in the near future.

Battle Foam Collect Together New Necromunda/Kill Team Foam


A large array of new Foam options and Carry Cases have been offered up from Battle Foam for those who are playing games like Necromunda or Kill Team. 

GameMat.Eu Offer Up Folding Gaming Tables With Mats


GameMat.Eu has a new of their G-Board for you to check out over on their webstore. Each of the tables is 6x4 and folds away in a very compact fashion so that you can store it in your home or venue. 

Community Spotlight: Mystical Mice, Mighty Dwarves & Konflikt ’47 Kit!


Red Beam Designs Show Off New Shadespire Tournament Box


Red Beam Designs have come up with some neat accessories which might be suitable for those of you playing Shadespire right now from Games Workshop.

Weekender: Win A Battle Foam P.A.C.K Mini & Gangs Of Rome On The Horizon


This week, we talk Gangs of Rome from Footsore Miniatures and have a great Battle Foam Giveaway.

Shadespire Tokens Coming Soon From Art Of War Studios


Art Of War Studios has been showing off some of their fantastic tokens which have been created for Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire.

Battle Foam Cut You Some New Shadespire Foam


Battle Foam has cut some cool looking Shadespire Foam which will keep your heroes and villains safe as well as your card decks and other accessories.

Tyranids, Terrain & Painting Aids Coming To Warhammer 40,000


Games Workshop has shown off what's on the way this week for the world of Warhammer 40,000 as well as a new painting aid which might be of use to you.

New Shadespire Warbands & Dice Sets On The Way Soon


Games Workshop has been showing off the new pre-orders for two new warbands in Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire as well as some accessories which might fit the bill...

Mad Robot Brings Some Hack & Slash Claws Conversion Bits


Mad Robot has done it again, and have brought out some fantastic new conversion bits for hack & slash kitbashing. Check out these new hands w/improvised claws!

Weekender XLBS: HUGE Hobby Update & Justin Vs Lloyd At Rorke’s Drift


THEO Helps Restore Order To Your Hobby While Keeping It Portable


Impudent Mortal has heard our pleas and is back on Kickstarter with The Hobby Equipment Organizer - THEO.

MaxMini Make Deals With Demonbound Swords


MaxMini is showing off some deadly looking swords that you no doubt have to make a deal with in order to use. See what you make of the Demonbound Swords...

3DG Announces ModCube 2.0 Is Headed To Kickstarter Soon


3DG has been quietly been working away on a revamped ModCube, and it's pretty awesome. ModCube 2.0 will be heading to Kickstarter soon with their streamlined, easier to modify token solution!

Inceptors Jump Into Combat Alongside New GW Basing Materials


Games Workshop has released their new set of pre-orders this weekend for Warhammer 40,000 and with that we now get the new Inceptor models for the Primaris Space Marines.

New Pitches & Prizes From Forge World For Blood Bowl


Forge World has some new releases for you to check out the world of Blood Bowl. Here we have two new neoprene mats which are styled after the Reikland Reavers and Gouged Eyes of this Fantasy Football game.

Dog Might Games Brighten Up Tables With the Rainbow Dice Tower


Dog Might Games have come out with something pretty special for their huge range of accessories, the Rainbow Dice Tower.

Customeeple Go Digging Around In Malifaux’s Crazy Cat Lady Manor


Customeeple have been digging around in the ruins of the world of Malifaux and found themselves Crazy Cat Lady Manor, a new terrain set for you to play your games around.

Kromlech Add New HDF Glyphs To Their Range


New HDF Glyphs let you add a touch of flair to your factions

Weekender XLBS: Bitz & Chits; What’s Your Favourite Gaming Component?


Get stuck into a Weekender XLBS with us and talk epic miniatures and more!

New 40K Primaris Space Marines & Codices Now Available To Pre-Order


Games Workshop has now added some new Primaris Space Marines to their webstore for you to pre-order for Warhammer 40,000 plus some new Codices for the Chaos Space Marines and the Grey Knights.

Snap Up A Swanky Deck Holder For Pulp Alley By Sally 4th


Sally 4th has added this new Card Dispenser/Deck Holder to their webstore for those who love themselves a bit of Pulp adventure in Pulp Alley.

Take A Look At What’s Coming For Malifaux In August


Malifaux is getting some great new releases in August as well as, of course, what's coming to Gen Con this year too. Here's a look ahead to next month.

Spellcrow Mutate Your Vehicles With New Doors And Plates


Spellcrow have released some accessories to convert your light vehicles, inlcuding decorative front plates and doors that have become a smidgeon warped.

Bandua Reveal New Armageddon Tokens & RuneWars Templates


Bandua has added some new widgets and gubbins to their website for those players of Shadow War Armageddon and RuneWars. We'll lead with the Armageddon Token Set.

New 40K P.A.C.K 352 Load Outs Available From Battle Foam


Over on the US Store (and presumably soon on the UK Store), you can now get your hands on New Load Out Options from Battle Foam for your growing Warhammer 40,000 armies.

Knock Some Fantasy Football Heads Together With Tabletop Art


Tabletop-Art has added some new Fantasy Football head options to their webstore for those looking to spice things up on their models

Cosy Dice Shows Off Fabled Realms Dice Bags!


Cosy Dice has previewed their Fabled Realms bags that they are working on for 4Ground's Kickstarter which is currently running with twelve days left on the campaign.

Hawk Wargames Release Faction Dice To Roll For Your Loyalty


Hawk Wargames have released new faction themed dice for you to bear your colours with pride in games of Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander.

Kromlech Mark Your Objectives With Lots Of Skulls!


Kromlech have released some new objective markers to let you keep track of the battlefield as you confront a symbol of mortallity. Lots of skulls!

Keep Imperial Secrets Safe In Kromlech’s New Tomes


Kromlech is looking to unlock the secrets of the warp, or maybe just stash some Imperial edicts with their new Books Of Salvation.

Keep Your Entire Kingdom Death Collection Safe With Battle Foam


Available on both their US and UK store the folks at Battle Foam have now pulled together a whole range of bags and foam trays for you to keep your entire Kingdom Death collection safe. It's quite a lot of foam!

Explore The Rebel Sector With PWork’s New Terrain Mat


PWork have added another mat to their collection for those of you who like heading out into the depths of space. Here we have their new Rebel Sector.

Carry Gubbins In Style With By Fire & Sword Dice Bags


The folks behind By Fire & Sword have added a new range of Dice Bags to their webstore along with some additional options to include Dice & Order Markers along with said bag. Here are a few of the designs...

Become A Son Of Thor With New Kromlech Accessories


Kromlech are looking towards some more Space Viking accessories and their latest set of bitz include Sons of Thor Torsos which will give you the armour to take on your foes...

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