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A Digital Halfling Army From Westfalia and One Gold Piece


I'm a massive fan of Westfalia and their halflings, the original ranges of resin halflings are the reason I know the company at all and I have substantial amounts of all of them. Now fans of home printing can get their hands on the files through the One Gold Piece and their Kickstarter campaign.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Wargames Lost In Time?


Welcome back OTTers for another Sunday show relaxing hobby chat around peoples projects and a look at the side of historical gaming we don't often cover.

Wofun Games Bring Peter Dennis’ Imperial Roman Forces & Their Enemies To Tabletop


Wofun Games, or World of Fun, have just released their latest collaboration with Peter Dennis in the Signature Collection. This launch contains the glory that was Rome and enemies to fight against them, all in glorious 18mm.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Badger King


It's Easter Sunday and time to kick back, put your feet up and consume all the chocolate you can before breakfast and join us as we get into a bit of hobby, both the teams and the greater OTTer community.

Empire Of Katai Minis Invade Zenit’s Kensei


At the recent Hispania Wargame 2019 event, Zenit Miniatures brought along some of the models for their new faction in Kensei; the Empire of Katai. The Empire of Katai are based upon the medieval dynasties of China, and as such […]

Warlord Games Unveil Tesla Anti-Tank Gun


Warlord Games have returned with a new Konflikt '47 weapon. Designed by US scientists to decimate their enemy, America has discovered how to wield the power of their new, field-ready Tesla Cannon!

Mantic Preview Puppy Launcher & Terrain Crate Return To Kickstarter


The folks at Mantic are keeping themselves busy as they previewed a new piece of cuddly artillery for the Kings of War goblins and announce the return to Kickstarter for Terrain Crate 2!

Warlord Bring Colour To Bolt Action With New Paint Set Pre-Orders


Warlord have a host of new goodies for Bolt Action as they put up a selection of new paint sets and desert war units for pre-order.

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