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Ares And Dire Wolf Team Up To Take Wings Of Glory Digital


Ares Games have announced that they have made a licensing agreement with Dire Wolf Digital to turn their classic game of WWI dogfighting, Wings of Glory, into a video game for PCs, phones, and tablets.

Get Ready To Battle Some Aliens In ARES Games Tripods & Tiplanes


What if you took the lovely planes from Wings of Glory and inserted Martians? A fantastic twist on the classic, War of the Worlds - which is exactly what's on the way in Tripods & Triplanes from ARES Games.

Hawk Wargames Show Off The Sprues For UCM Dropfleet


Hawk Wargames have published some pictures showing off two more sprues of their upcoming UCM Dropfleet Commander miniatures.

More Details Appear On Halo Fleet Battles From Spartan Games


Spartan Games have shown off what's going to be inside the Halo: Fleet Battles - The Fall of Reach which is a lot. We really didn't think there were going to be so many ships involved but this is sounding more awesome by the minute...

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