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Crooked Dice’s Shambling Zombies & Sci-Fi Civilians Pop Up


Come and take a peek at some more of the new releases coming your way from the folks at Crooked Dice for you to drop into 7TV and plenty of other games out there right now.

Spellcrow Unveil Their Dastardly Dark Faun For Umbra Turris


Spellcrow has been showing off another new model in the mix for the world of Umbra Turris. Here we have their snarling Dark Faun.

Big Lads & Lasses Stomping Onto The Blood Bowl Pitch


Blood Bowl is expanding with even more teams getting the chance to stomp onto the pitch and score some touchdowns from Games Workshop.

Battle Eldritch Threats In CMON’s Cthulhu: Death May Die


CMON has now released their project from the minds of Rob Daviau and Eric M. Lang, Cthulhu: Death May Die.

Modiphius Birth Monstrous Creations For Achtung! Cthulhu


Modiphius has been showing off three new kits coming to Achtung! Cthulhu Skirmish.

The Slaves To Darkness Campaign In Age Of Sigmar’s Mortal Realms


Games Workshop are going to be starting a new campaign in the name of Archaon The Everchosen.

Wyrd Games Get Set For Black Friday Sales & Four New Models!


Wyrd Games has been getting set for a big ol' Black Friday Sale which is going to be running from November 27th (today!) to December 2nd

Spellcrow Arm Their New & Updated Half Giant Miniature


Spellcrow has been seriously upping the game with their latest set of releases. For example, here is the work-in-progress on their new Half Giant which is going to be coming soon.

Zealot’s Minotaur Juggernauts Thunders Into Battle Horns First


Zealot Miniatures has been building on the range of Minotaurs with a new Juggernaut model.

Creature Caster’s New Queen Of Ruin Spreads Her Pox & Plague


Creature Caster has another special miniature in the mix for the month of December.

Godtear’s Champions Hit The Tabletop From Steamforged Games


Godtear from Steamforged Games is now up on their webstore for you to pre-order ahead of the release on 6th December.

Antediluvian Miniatures Call On Stolas The Great Prince Of Hell!


If you weren't aware of how odd demons used to be back in the day then check out this option from Antediluvian Miniatures, Stolas! Bow down before this birdy Great Prince Of Hell.

New Battleforce Sets Coming To Age Of Sigmar & Warhammer 40K


Games Workshop has been showing off some new Battleforce Options for both Warhammer 40,000 and Age Of Sigmar which are going to be popping up this weekend in time for Christmas. 

Community Spotlight: Oldhammer Ogres, Grim Dwarves & Marvel!

2 weeks ago 8

Come and join us for another look at some awesome work from you folks in the community...

Creature Caster Tease Their Upcoming Twisted Twins


Creature Caster has been teasing their newest creation which should be landing on their webstore soon.

Weekender: The Perfect Time To Be A Fantasy Wargamer?


We've got a mix of both World War II awesomeness and Fantasy wargaming goodies to look at this week. Plus, Gerry gets excited about a great looking Ancients game!

Para Bellum Tease The Future Factions For Conquest


Para Bellum Wargames showed off a little teaser this week of what's coming for Conquest over the next few years.

Community Spotlight: Chaotic Queens, Warrior Orcs & Furry Friends

3 weeks ago 6

Come and check out more of the awesome painting that you folks have been getting up to over the past few weeks!

Weekender XLBS: Which Star Wars Scenario Did We Pick?


We decide on which historical scenario is going to be turned into a Star Wars one! Find out which one we picked from our Cult Of Games community this morning.

Weekender: Racing To Moscow Atop Our Battle Pulpit!


We're chatting with Phalanx Games about their new Kickstarter project and diving into more from the tabletop world this week!

Grab Sci-Fi Gods In JoeK’s Odyssey: Anthropos Kickstarter


JoeK Minis has taken to Kickstarter with their project, Odyssey: Anthropos, which adds some new miniatures to their collection of the mortal persuasion. 

Get Clobbering With Some New Monsterpocalypse Titans


Some big ol' monsters are coming to the world of Monsterpocalypse by Privateer Press.

Slit Throats Then Rip & Tear With Avatars Of War Releases


Avatars Of War has released some new models for their world of Fantastical grimdarkness...yep, that's a word.

Characters & Big Boss Expansions For Steamforged’s Dark Souls


Steamforged Games has added two new expansions into the mix for those playing Dark Souls: The Board Game.

Classic Wolfriders Go Hunting In Warhammer Underworlds


Games Workshop is also releasing some new options for those who are playing Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave.

The Adepta Sororitas Drop Into Warhammer 40,000 This Weekend


The Adepta Sororitas, the Sisters Of Battle, are going to be coming to Warhammer 40,000 with pre-orders for the new Army Set popping up this coming Saturday from Games Workshop.

Weekender XLBS: Getting Out Of Your Hobby Funk!


We chat to some of you folks in the community and discuss your hobby as well as what we've been up to!

Weekender: Cynical Cash Grabs & Charlemagne


We're talking about cash grabs and a potted history of Rome which is clearly on point. Plus, some epic roleplaying Kickstarters worth your attention.

Hellboy’s Krampus & The Blood Queen Return From Mantic Games


Mantic Games are getting ready to unleash some more Limited Edition options into the mix for Hellboy: The Board Game.

Antediluvian Miniatures Unleash The Flailing Decapod


Antediluvian Miniatures has unleashed a strange creature onto their webstore as the flailing Decapod becomes a new option for monster slaying barbarians in your Fantasy games.

River Horse Bring More Kaiju & Jaegers To Pacific Rim: Extinction


River Horse recently released some more expansion content for Pacific Rim: Extinction.

Reaper Summon Bones Black Maggotcrown For November


Reaper Miniatures has been showing off its new Bones Black release for November which is available individually and also with orders over a certain value.

Masterful Monsters & Undivided Warriors Coming To Age Of Sigmar


Games Workshop has been showing off some fancy new previews for the world of Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar and Warcry, their skirmish game, over the weekend.

Weekender: Dive Into Infinity Defiance Week & Epic 2nd Dynasty Spaceships!


We're talking about awesome Sci-Fi dungeon crawlers, some epic 3D Printing Kickstarter goodness and more today.

Big Hulking Brutes Show Up In Latest Artel W Sci-Fi Previews


Artel W Miniatures has been showing off some new miniatures which will be popping up soon via their webstore.

Wild Atomic Age Releases For Crooked Dice In November


Crooked Dice has been talking about the releases for November which will be dropping for 7TV.

AntiMatter Preview Monstrous Sea Trolls From The Abyss


AntiMatter Games has been showing off more of the previews for their new Kickstarter, Uncharted Realms Of The Abyss

JoeK’s Odyssey: Anthropos Kickstarter Launches November 7th


JoeK Minis has now revealed the date for their new Odyssey: Anthropos Kickstarter which will introduce four new characters into the mix for their Sci-Fi/Greek miniatures range. 

Mantic Games’ Roguish League Of Infamy Now On Kickstarter


Mantic Games are now live on Kickstarter with their campaign for League Of Infamy, an occasionally cooperative dungeon crawler.

Gripping Beast Bring Magic & Horrors To Halloween Tabletops


Gripping Beast has been adding some new releases into the mix and maybe a few old favourites too in the spirit of the spooky season.

Welcome The Massed Ossiarch Bonereaper Ranks This Weekend


Yes, we're back talking about the Ossiarch Bonereapers again today from Games Workshop.

Weekender: Infinity Defiance Kickstarter & FoW Campaign Launching Next Week!


We're talking about the Infinity: Defiance themed week firing up on Monday PLUS the epic Flames Of War Global Campaign which will be running for SIX weeks!

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