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Quick Look: Wargames Atlantic – Skeletons, Troopers & RGD Fauns


Wargames Atlantic sent over some previews of their latest plastic miniatures so we dived in for a quick look!

Ral Partha Hunt Trolls & Chaos Dwarves On Kickstarter


Ral Partha Europe is on Kickstarter with a quick and cheerful Kickstarter which is looking to fund the return of a mighty Mountain Troll and some Chaos Dwarves. 

Starcadia Quest Is The Cutest Sci-Fi Kickstarter Yet!


KAWAAAAAAIIIII! Okay, now that I've gotten that out of my system, I can start talking about the adorable Starcadia Quest from CMON which still has 11 days to go on Kickstarter. 

Warploque Piece Together A Dragon To Guard The Fjord


Warploque is preparing some new releases for Salute, where the Fjord Dragon will rear its head.

Let’s Play: Nemesis

2 years ago 22

Az is joined by the Editors for a play-through of new space horror board game Nemesis which launches on Kickstarter soon!

Let’s Play – The Edge: Dawnfall


Justin & John are today playing The Edge: Dawnfall which is now on Kickstarter looking for funding thanks to Awaken Realms.

January Malifaux Releases Announced By Wyrd


Wyrd Games have been looking ahead towards next year and showed off the new releases that will be on shelves for Malifaux in January. See what you think of these smaller boxed sets packed with interesting characters...

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