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The Weekender: Star Wars Legion Announced & Our Gen Con Experience


Welcome to the Weekender... IN AMERICA, BABY!

3 Colours Up: Painting Calico Kate – Part Three


Today it's all about the finishing touches and finer details.

3 Colours Up: Painting Calico Kate – Part Two


Join us this week as Romain continues showing off how to paint Relic Knights' colourful Calico Kate.

Relic Knights Quest XLBS: Little Boosts Make A Big Difference


Need a little help in your games of Relic Knights? How about a boost? We're looking at them today with Ninja Division's John Candice.

Relic Knights Quest XLBS: Controlling Chaos, Dahon Be Gone!


In our Frontstage episode of Relic Knights Quest we caused some major devastation and now we're learning how to control it.

Relic Knights Quest XLBS: Defensive Cypher Tactics


Welcome Backstage to more Relic Knights Quest as John from Ninja Division talks about Defensive Cypher Tactics and how to use them effectively.

Relic Knights Quest XLBS: Denying Enemy Objectives


In this Backstage Show of Relic Knights Quest, I need to find out how I can defeat John and deny him any more objectives in this game!

Relic Knights Quest XLBS: Objective Focus Over Combat


In our first Relic Knights Quest show, we chose our Deployment & Scenarios. In this Backstage show, we're going to show off some activation moves and see if our choices were wise, or a little silly.

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