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Conquest Painting Tutorial – City States Polemarch | Para Bellum Wargames

3 days ago 3

As part of our ongoing Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings VLOG series, John has painted up the Polemarch character from the City States in the scheme that we're going for. This is a great how-to-paint tutorial for those wanting to make an alternative scheme for their armies.

Warrior Of Rohan Painting Tutorial (Slapchop Technique) | Middle-earth SBG


We show off how to paint a Warrior Of Rohan quickly and easily using the slapchop technique for use in Games Workshop's Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

Burrows & Badgers Miniature Painting Tutorial – Hare Warrior


A new wargaming miniature painting tutorial for today as John works on the Hare Warrior from Oathsworn Miniatures' Burrows & Badgers.

Mythos Miniature Painting Tutorial – Abigail (Priory Faction)


John is back with another miniature painting tutorial as he works on Abigail from the Priory faction in Warcradle Studios' 32mm wargame, Mythos. 

3 Colours Up: Painting Golden Alien Armour


Today Romain joins us in the hobby lab to guide us through painting Golden Alien Armour.

3 Colours Up: Painting Guild Ball’s Millstone – Part Two


Today Romain is in the Hobby Lab to paint up Steamforged Game's beautiful Guild Ball farmers sculpt, Millstone.

3 Colours Up: Painting Non-Metallic Metal Freehand Chrome


We've showed you Gold and Silver and now it's time to paint up some 90's style Chrome, perfect for those androids you're looking to paint up!

Wrath Of Kings Week: Painting The Longhorn – Part Three


See how things wrap up as we finish work on the Longhorn from the Nasier faction in Wrath of Kings.

3 Colours Up: Painting Non Metallic Metal Freehand Silver


Today Romain brings out his secret shiny treasures and show's us how to paint freehand silver.

3 Colours Up: Romain’s Age Of Sigmar Armour Painting Bundle


Join us for another dose of awesomeness this Christmas as we collect together Romain's Age Of Sigmar Armour Painting Series for you to watch, all for FREE!

3 Colours Up – Painting Yellow Armour


Catch us for a special 3 Colours Up as we show you how to paint Yellow Armour for your Infinity Soldiers!

3 Colours Up – How To Paint A NMM Copper Stormcast Eternal


We get stuck into another tutorial with the help of Romain where he shows off another of the Non-Metallic Metal techniques. This time he's using a Copper effect to paint his Stormcast Eternal Liberator.

3 Colours Up – How To Paint A NMM Gold Stormcast Eternal


We're back with Romain today to learn about how to paint a Non-Metallic Metal Gold version of the Stormcast Eternal Liberators.

3CU: How To Paint A Warzone Resurrection Immortal – Part One


Romain is getting stuck into painting one of the miniatures from Prodos Games' Warzone: Resurrection - the deadly Cybertronic Immortal!

3 Colours Up: Air Brushing Non-Metallic Metals


With the Convergence Heavy Vector for Warmachine now built and magnetised by Romain he settles down to show off an easy way to add Non-Metallic Metals to the model.

Painting Rust on Non-Metalic Metal Blades


Orks never take care of their blades and Romain takes great care in showing this as he adds some non-metallic style rust effects to the Ork Blades he painted the week before last.

Painting Non-Metallic Metal Orc Blades


Orc weaponry may be rough and ready, but that doesn't mean it can't look good. Romain takes a little time to show us all how to paint up some fantastic looking non-metalic metal Orc blades.

Painting Samurai Cavalry from Wargames Factory… Part 4


Romain puts the last touches to his Wargames Factory Samurai Cavalryman, before moving to the final stages.

Painting Samurai Cavalry from Wargames Factory… Part 3


Romain begins work on his Samurai Cavalryman from Wargames Factory.

Painting Non-Metallic Metal… Part 3


Romain adds the final non-metallic details to his 1650 model, by painting gold and brass, along with a glimmering silver sword.

Painting Non-Metallic Metal… Part 2


Romain adds the last layers of colour to his non-metallic steel.

Painting Non-Metallic Metal… Part 1


Romain begins a tutorial on the (often requested) technique needed to paint non-metallic metal. Using a cool Guardia model from Tercio Creativo's 1650 range.

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