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Unboxing – Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Of Venice – Board Game


Gerry is joined in the studio by Free to have a look at the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Of Venice Board Game by Triton Noir, you'll be taking on the roles of a group of the assassins brotherhood taking on the Templars […]

Wargames Atlantic Preview A Peek At 28mm Conquistadors!


Wargames Atlantic has been showing off a few more snippets of what awaits in 2021. The Conquistadors are going up against the Aztecs with a pair of plastic sets scheduled for release next year.

Plastic Pirates & Multi-pose Marines From Firelock Games Raise The Black Kickstarter.


Firelock Games have shown off the renders of the new multi-part plastic kits that will be a feature of the new Blood & Plunder starter set for Raise the Black.

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