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MoMMiniaturas Asks Are You Not Entertained By This WiP


MoMMiniaturas have revealed a new WiP sculpt that looks ready to step into the arena. 

Age Of Sigmar: Nighthaunt Painting VLOG #4


Time to add some contrast to the Nighthaunts and see what else they may need as I move towards finishing the project.

Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternal VLOG – Part 7


It's time to charge! Well, at least paint the Gryph Charger along with some small details that I could no longer ignore. 

Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternal VLOG – Part 6


Good day everybody! Come on in and have a look at what I am doing with the Stormcast today.

Let’s Play: Mythic Battles – Blood Tide


The god of the sea goes to war!

Wild West Exodus Week: Warrior Nation vs Watchers


Now it's time to throw them in the fray.

40k Charted: 30k Project – Elites


In today's episode of 40k Charted we're delving back into the Horus Heresy once again to talk to AJ about the Elite choices for our armies.

40k Charted: The Heroes Of Cadia


Who is your favourite Hero in the 40k Universe?

3 Colours Up – Painting Mythic Battles: Pantheon’s Achilles Part Two


With Mythic Battles: Pantheon reaching over $1M funding over the weekend Romain has finished up painting Achilles.

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