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Bolt Action: Third Edition Intelligence Reports – Machine Gun Update


Warlord Games has begun previews for the Third Edition of Bolt Action, the new edition of their 28mm World War II wargame. You'll be able to check back throughout the pre-order period to find out what's new as part of their Intelligence Reports!

Medbury Miniatures Bolster Their 28mm Medieval Collection


Medbury Miniatures has recently added a selection of new 28mm Medieval figures to their collection for those wanting to build up armies for the Hundred Years' War period. There are some iconic characters and some rank-and-file miniatures for large armies and skirmishing warbands.

Community Spotlight: Wild West Aliens, Deathship One & Shire Halls!


In this week's Community Spotlight, we dive into a Wild West project with a twist, some Deathship One miniatures and an excellent Nottingham Shire Hall terrain build.

Complete Starter Set Coming Soon For World War III: Team Yankee


Battlefront Miniatures is releasing a brand new Starter Set for World War III: Team Yankee this August. If you're looking for a new entry point into the Cold War Gone Hot then you can explore 15mm armies for both the US and the Soviets.

Mounted Civil War Soldiers Coming Soon For Bloody Miniatures


Bloody Miniatures is showing off their new range of mounted figures for use in your 28mm English Civil War wargames. We start off with a set of commanders, These Our Captains, who could be personalities from the period. 

New Medieval Miniatures! Perfect 28mm Plastic Kits For Crusades & Beyond #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! In this week's show, we're going all Medieval. We take a look at the awesome range of plastic miniatures in 28mm (and 10mm) coming from Wargames Atlantic for The Barons' War and other Medieval Historical wargames. Wargames Atlantic has a pretty awesome range coming out in plastic with loads of weapon options.

Unboxing: V For Victory Rulebook & Accessories | Studio Tomahawk


Gerry dives into one of the most exciting World War II wargames that has been released in recent years. Gerry takes a look through the rules for V For Victory from Studio Tomahawk which allows you to dive into 28mm skirmishes with a focus on infantry encounters.

Empress To Keep Iron Duke Miniatures Range Alive & Kicking


Iron Duke Miniatures are another wargaming company closing their doors soon with Mike Snook calling it a day. Thankfully, the range is going to continue to be available through the folks at Empress Miniatures who have been stocking the collection for a while. 

Clamber Into Warlord Games’ Bolt Action British Bedford


Warlord Games are offering up another fun kit for those looking to dive into Bolt Action. The British (and by extension the rest of the Allies) can make use of a rather nice new 28mm plastic kit for the Bedford QLT Troop Transport.

Build Your Cromarty Forge 15mm Late Republic Roman Army


The Plastic Soldier Company has recently added more of the Cromarty Forge range to their webstore for those looking to dive into some 15mm Ancient wargaming. The latest army to be included is the Late Republic Romans, marching into battle with all manner of sets.

March With 1898 Miniaturas’ Thirty Years’ War Musketeers


1898 Miniaturas added to their Thirty Years' War collection with some new French figures for use in your 28mm Historical wargames. The Musketeers are on the march with a variety of different head options for you to choose from. 

Let’s Play: Force Of Virtue – Seeking The “Secret Weapon” | Masterstroke Games


In this third Let's Play for Force Of Virtue, Gerry and the team from Masterstroke Games get stuck into the third scenario of their mini-campaign. Both players are trying to get their hands on a "secret weapon" that will help them influence a local election! This means searching dead bodies which is grisly business!

Wargames Atlantic Tease What’s Next For Grand Battle Scale Range


Wargames Atlantic have been previewing what's next for their Grand Battle Scale range which went up for pre-order a couple of weeks ago. The Samurai collection in 10mm expands with the addition of a Command frame for your Samurai and Ashigaru.

Unboxing: Great War German Army Set – Steiner’s Stosstruppen | Battlefront Miniatures


John gets stuck into an unboxing and review of the German Starter Set for Flames Of War: Great War by Battlefront Miniatures. This set, Steiner's Strosstruppen, was re-released recently and gives you a good starting point for 15mm Historical wargaming during World War I.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Yearning For The Old Days! White Dwarf Battle Reports Were The Best?


Join us for Cult Of Games XLBS we have a look over some hobby that we've been doing and ask the question of what makes a great battle report. Do you like the olden days of White Dwarf or do you prefer a different approach when you dive into your written reports?

Bolt Action Goes Big! New Battle Of The Bulge Starter Sets Stage For WW2 Wargaming #OTTWeekender

2 weeks ago 37

It's OTTWeekender time! In this week's show, we talk about the newly revealed Starter Set for the next edition of Bolt Action where the fighting moves to the Battle Of The Bulge. Brand new plastic kits for the US and the Germans are on the way alongside a reworking and updating of the core rules for the most well-known World War 2 wargame.

Pre-Order Bolt Action 3rd Edition’s Battle Of The Bulge Starter Set!


Warlord Games are taking pre-orders this weekend for the new third edition of Bolt Action. The new Rulebook alongside the brand new Starter Set, Battle Of The Bulge, are available for you to snap up ahead of its 26th September 2024 launch for the most well-known World War II wargame.

Get Stuck Into Pulp Figure’s New British Zulu Wars Range


Bob Murch has now made the Pulp British Zulu Wars range available for sale, ready for those looking to dive into some Pulp adventures during the Victorian era. 

Wargames Atlantic’s New Plastic Serjeants & Levy Coming Soon


Wargames Atlantic, alongside Andy Hobday and the Warhost team, are going to be releasing some new plastic sets soon for use in The Barons' War and other 28mm Medieval wargames. Two additional sets are joining the Foot Knights. 

Kore Games Get Moving With 28mm Vehicles Of The 80s


Kore Games are on Kickstarter right now during the final days of their latest campaign aiming to bring 28mm Vehicles Of The 80s to the tabletop! Use these for all manner of miniature games, perhaps within the realm of the Pulp?

New World War III: Team Yankee Plastics Previewed By Battlefront


Battlefront Miniatures teased new plastic 15mm Soviet Infantry for World War III: Team Yankee at the start of the year. Now, they have revealed the 15mm US Infantry that will be coming soon to support your Cold War Gone Hot battles on the tabletop. 

Hannibal Barca Joins Warlord Games’ Soldier Of Fortune Range


Warlord Games have announced their newest Soldier Of Fortune miniatures for the month of July. Sticking with the theme of Ancient armies marching to war, we have Hannibal Barca - Scourge Of Rome for use in your 28mm wargames like Hail Caesar. 

Unboxing: Great War British Army Set – Mitchell’s Marauders | Battlefront Miniatures


John dives into an unboxing and review of the British Starter Set for Flames Of War: Great War by Battlefront Miniatures. The Mitchell's Marauders set was re-released recently and with the Battle Of The Somme beginning on this very day (1st July), it seems apt that we should start to look through the miniatures for use in 15mm Historical wargames.

Victrix Preview New Medieval & Fantasy Heads For Their Knights


Victrix has been working on a new set of alternative heads for you to include with their new plastic set of 28mm Medieval Knights. Their new Medieval/Fantasy conversion sprue is on the way for those wanting to take their Knights in a different direction, either Historical or Fantasy.

Cult Of Games XLBS: What Has Killed Our Hobby Projects?


Join us for Cult Of Games XLBS we're talking about what has killed your hobby projects in the past. What has popped up and absolutely ground your project into the dust and finished it off? We talk about what has killed our projects and some of the things we've tried to do to remedy it and we would love to know what you think!

Stunning 10mm Samurai! Wargames Atlantic’s New Armies For BIG Battles! What’s Next?! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! In this week's episode, we're looking at the next big small-scale release for your epic wargames. Wargames Atlantic are going to be entering the world of 10mm wargaming with some amazing plastic Samurai and Ashigaru for use in Historical wargaming. The plastic sets are coming VERY soon and we get a close look at the brand new sprues and some painted miniatures.

Spectre Miniatures’ Modern Criminals Bring The Heavy Duty Kit


Spectre Miniatures has released a bunch of awesome new 28mm figures for use with your Modern Warfare-era wargames. There are some great options for you to choose from on both sides of the coin, both as criminals and those looking to shut down the criminals!

Wargames Atlantic Go Grand With 10mm Samurai & Ashigaru!


Wargames Atlantic has now revealed their full plans for their new 10mm range, Grand Battle Scale. They are starting off with some awesome 10mm plastic Ashigaru and Samurai but there's a lot more coming down the pipeline it seems as well.

Black Sheep Preview New 28mm Wild West Posses [Updated]


Black Sheep Miniatures are working on a big new set of releases for their 28mm Wild West range! There are six new packs on the way and they have started the preview with both their Pinkertons and Lawmen. 

Send Mortar Fire Into Enemy Ranks With Pike & Shotte Epic Battles


Warlord Games are keeping up with the English Civil War releases with some smaller-scale releases for Pike Shotte Epic Battles. There are some hefty artillery pieces being put into position to start bombarding enemy positions and sowing discord.

Wargames Atlantic Tease Something Small But Suitably Epic!


Wargames Atlantic recently posted up an interesting teaser on their website for something small but very big. It looks like they are going to be stepping into the world of small-scale wargaming with "epic" miniatures.

Check Out Force Of Virtue’s Siege Of Gradara Kickstarter!


Masterstroke Games are now live on Kickstarter with their campaign for a new expansion to Force Of Virtue! The Siege Of Gradara gives you some great options for expanding your Force Of Virtue games but also diving in for the first time. These folks have put together a great 28mm Renaissance-era skirmish game featuring innovative mechanics.

Lead The Way With New Pike & Shotte Characters From Warlord


Warlord Games has released a new set of Pike & Shotte characters for use in your English Civil War (and the Thirty Years' War) clashes on the tabletop. These 28mm miniatures all come in metal and cover a range of characters from all sides of the conflict.

Peter Pig Add New 15mm Modern Characters To Their Range


Peter Pig Miniatures has added a new set of 15mm Modern figures to their collection for clashes on battlefields of today and recent history. The new set comes with a selection of different characters as well as those to lead your squads into battle. 

Scrap For Honour With Perry Miniatures’ Upcoming Duellists


Alan Perry of Perry Miniatures has been working on a fun new 28mm vignette for your Napoleonic wargames. Some Duellists and their seconds are on the way, dressed in different orders of dress, perfect for a diorama or to spice up your skirmish games. 

New Onna Musha & Samurai For Grey For Now’s Test Of Honour


Grey For Now Games has added two new miniatures to their Test Of Honour range. Leading the way is the Mori Clan Onna Musha, a deadly warrior woman who is particularly adept at fighting alongside your other samurai. 

Cult Of Games XLBS: Rough Riding Horses? On Yer Bike! Get Kitbashing Instead


Join us for Cult Of Games XLBS this week as we sit down and discuss John's hobby that brings in an excessive amount of cost for kitbashing and some tournaments both past and future that he plans to attend.

Unleash Epic Battles With Eagles Of Empire; Tabletop Wargame Meets RTS! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! On this week's show Gerry tempts John into the Franco-Prussian War with an epic game that mixes tabletop skirmish and real-time strategy together to produce a system that constantly asks questions about your tactics on the tabletop. Could this be the system needed to get John to start and break Gerry's resolve to stay away from yet another period?

One For All! French Musketeers Marching In From 1898 Miniaturas


1898 Miniaturas have previewed some more Thirty Years War miniatures that are due to arrive in July as they expand on their new range of French pike and shotte. This time around it is the turn of the Musketeers. 

Unboxing: Foot Knights (1150 -1320) – Age Of Chivalry | Wargames Atlantic

4 weeks ago 2

Gerry breaks open the first of Wargames Atlantic's Age of Chivalry boxes which has been made in collaboration with Andy Hobday and Paul Hick of Footsore Miniatures & Games for their Barons' War skirmish game. He takes a look over the brand new Foot Knights (1150-1320) box which is packed full of medieval warriors ready to take the field for your wargames.

Community Spotlight: 02 Hundred Hours Terrain, Piles Of Shame & The Barons’ War


In this week's community spotlight, we dive into a pile of potential, paint up some terrain for use in 02 Hundred Hours and check out an excellent Medieval miniature collection.

Carve Out Your Place In Port Royal In A Pirate Skirmish Campaign | Firelock Games Interview


Gerry sits down with Mike Tunez from Firelock Games to talk about Port Royal their campaign-based miniature skirmish game currently on Kickstarter. If you fancy being a seventeenth century searover then Port Royal should be your first stop.

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