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Mantic’s Mighty Giant Stomps Ahead Of Their Vanguard Pre-Orders


Mantic Games' fantasy skirmish game Kings of War: Vanguard is heading up for pre-order on September 17th and stomping ahead of them we get to see their fully painted new giant.

The Viking Sheildmaiden, Managara, Makes Her Way Into KritterKins


The last of the sculpts for Bombshell Miniatures, KritterKins project - including the must have sheildmaiden, Mangarra-have been completed.

A Fearsome Lizard From Albino Raven Miniatures Races Onto The Tabletop


Albino Raven Miniatures has a fantastic lizard available in two different scales. Wyvern will look amazing solo or with his rider, and you can use him to game or paint as a fantastic display!

The Broken Facade… more pre-painted terrain from Gale Force 9


Darrell checks out the Broken Facade, another useful pre-painted terrain section from Gale Force 9.

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