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Naval Wargaming – An Introduction To Battles At Sea & Beyond


Simon Stokes takes us through the history of Naval Battles both in history and on the tabletop as well as giving us a crash course in the games we should take a look at...

The Worldwide D-Day Challenge Part Four – Completing The Invasion


Community member oriskany finishes off his round up of all the awesome games that went on during the HUGE Worldwide D-Day Challenge this month. See how it all came to a climax and let us know what you think of big events like this.

The Worldwide D-Day Challenge Part Three – Launching The Invasion


The invasion begins. All the planning comes together as the first battles are fought retelling the amazing venture that was D-Day...

The Worldwide D-Day Challenge Part Two – Assembling The Invasion!


While the battles have begun to play out for the Worldwide D-Day Challenge Community Member Oriskany takes us through some more of the in-depth planning that has gone into this HUGE event.

The Worldwide D-Day Challenge Part One – Planning The Invasion


As the Worldwide D-Day Challenge to commemorate the battles that took place on June 6th around Normandy, France approaches. Find out how this all came together in this new article series.

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