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Community Spotlight: Classic Rangers, Battle Sisters & 1/72 Ancient Armies


This week we're looking at some classic Citadel miniatures, a stylish Sister Of Battle and also some mighty Ancient armies!

Scibor’s 75th Anniversary Tribute To Stanislaw Sosabowski


On September 21, 1944 the Polish Independent Parachute Brigade finally landed. Poles landed on the west bank of the Rhine in the Driel region with the task of supporting the British desperately defending themselves on the other side of the river.

Plastic Soldier Offers New British & Commonwealth CMP 15cwt Trucks


Plastic Soldier Company has some new releases for all gamers of WWII.

Weekender: Fantasy Wrestling, X-Wing & Tyrants Of The Underdark Interview


Fantasy Flight Rule The Skies With X-Wing Imperial Veterans


Adding two alternative paint schemes to the tabletop for X-Wing Fantasy Flight have revealed the Imperial Veterans set which contains both a new TIE Bomber and a TIE Defender too. Gamma Squadron and Countess Ryad are represented here...

Fly With The Ghost Expansion Pack For X-Wing


Take to the stars once more with another miniatures coming your way for X-Wing. This time around we're focusing in on the crew of the rebel ship, the Ghost, from Fantasy Flight Games. Take a look at it below...

Warlord Posts Experimental Aircraft Rules For Bolt Action


Now you can add aircraft to your games of Bolt Action, with these experimental rules from Warlord Games.

Gather Your 20mm Moroccan Regulars For A Spanish Civil War


Fight with the Moroccan Regulars in a new set of metal miniatures for their Spanish Civil War line up.

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