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AW Miniatures Launch Kickstarter For 28mm Frontiersmen


AW Miniatures has launched a Kickstarter to create a set of 28mm Frontiersmen for use during the French & Indian War. 

Storm The Bastille With Emperor Toads Emporium’s Rabble


Emperor Toads Emporium is certainly in a very 2020 mindset with some of their recent Historical releases.

Westfalia Focusing In On Dragongrin Miniatures This Month!


Westfalia Miniatures has announced that The Dead Man's Guide To Dragongrin range is going to be coming to Kickstarter later this month on 12th October.

Warlord Battle With Bolt Action Brits & Canadians Next Year


If you're into your World War II D-Day wargaming then you have a new supplement to look forward to next year for Warlord Games' Bolt Action.

Unboxing: Benjamin Vandervoort | Stoessi’s Heroes


Today we're taking a look at Benjamin Vandervoort from Stoessi's Heroes for use in your World War II miniature wargames.

Oathsworn Drop Update On Next Burrows & Badgers Kickstarter


Oathsworn Miniatures has updated us on what's happening with their next Kickstarter for Burrows & Badgers.

North Star Preview First 28mm Oathmark Skeleton Test Miniatures


North Star Military Figures showed off some new previews of the 28mm scale test miniatures which are going to be popping up alongside the Oathbreakers expansion to Oathmark: Battles Of The Lost Age.

Blood & Plunder: Raise The Black Live On Kickstarter


Firelock Games have now hoisted the mainsail and set out onto the high seas as the Kickstarter for Blood & Plunder: Raise The Black has gone live!

Hardcore Miniatures Fire Up The Orkbuster Megaboss Suit!


Hardcore Miniatures has got some fun new options for those planning to build up their Ork armies in the grimdark far future.

Cigar Box Create Official Rangers Of Shadow Deep Mats


Cigar Box Battle is producing a set of officially licensed battle mats for you to use during your games of Rangers Of Shadow Deep.

WizKids Upgrade Their HeroClix Pre-Painted Miniatures


WizKids has recently produced an article looking at some updates to the pre-painted HeroClix collection starting with X-Men and the House Of X line.

Wargames Atlantic Preview Plastic French Resistance Kit!


A new World War II set is on the way from Wargames Atlantic soon and in classic fashion, they've not gone for something typical.

Footsore Embrace The Medieval, Feudal Japan & The Civil War


Footsore Miniatures & Games have a handful of new releases to check out which power through various time periods.

Bumbling Bullywugs Pop Up On Warploque’s Patreon


Warploque Miniatures has been showing off some painted examples of what's available through their 3D Printing Patreon this month.

Raise The Dead In Oathmark’s Oathbreakers Expansion


Osprey Games have another expansion sorted for the tail end of 2020 (fingers crossed!) beyond what's available in Battlesworn.

The Best Wargamer Patreon? An Interview With One Page Rules


Today we're getting an in-depth look at One Page Rules and where they've come from, learning about their past and their awesome rules which literally fit on one page!

Meet The Folk Of Bree In Games Workshop’s Middle-earth SBG


Those who love the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game by Games Workshop will be pleased to know three new miniatures are making their way to the tabletop soon.

Bolster The Ranks Of Your Warhammer 40K Necron Army


Games Workshop is also doing a little bit of housekeeping with the addition of some new sets for those playing as Necrons in Warhammer 40,000.

The Sons Of Behemat! Mighty Gargants Coming To Age Of Sigmar


Games Workshop has their sights set on something pretty massive for this coming weekend as The Sons Of Behemat are going on pre-order for the Mortal Realms and Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar.

XLBS Cult Of Games: 3D Sculpting For Fun & What’s Your Collection Worth?


The guys are back and this Sunday they have two OTTers joining in the madness as we take a look at another week's worth of our favourite hobby from the Project system.

Win Your Hero Forge 2.0 Miniature Design & Mantic Goblins Their Best Army Yet? #Weekender


Today on the OnTableTop Weekender! Hero Forge launches its revamped site with a new all-singing, all-dancing, all colour, way to customise and print your characters and you can win one on the show!

Antediluvian Miniatures Show Of New Islemen & Kerns From Paul Hick


Antediluvian Miniatures have been showing off three new packs of medieval miniatures from the ineffable Paul Hicks. These Islemen and Kerns add into their existing range for thirteenth century Scots and Irish perfect for the Wars of the Bruce and one pack, in particular, may be hauntingly familiar to you. 

Monkstone Miniatures Denizens of Dünnmere Descend Onto Kickstarter


Monkstone Miniatures have released the Denizens of Dünnmere onto Kickstarter a range of fantastic fantasy miniatures for 28mm games.

Unboxing: Monkstone Miniatures – Kickstarting Soon


Gerry takes a look at some of the minis that are coming in The Three Pigs & Other Denizens of Dünnmere on Kickstarter from Monkstone Miniatures.

Community Spotlight: Norse Raiders, Space Raiders, & Vault Raiders


Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week...

Commanders Arrive For Byzantium From Drabant Line Miniatures


Drabant Miniatures have just been showing off their latest releases for ancient gaming in the form of a Byzantine command and Drungarios miniature.

Blind Beggar Miniatures Foulmouth Folk Have A Fishy Feel & The Innsmouth Look


Blind Beggar Miniatures are into the last few days of their Kickstarter to spawn a whole host of 28mm metal figures for your Lovecraftian tabletop games.

Studio Miniatures Dig Up The Dead Throughout Time


Studio Miniatures have been showing off renders for an upcoming Kickstarter that is due to launch on the 9th of October. The Dead Through Time II is a follow up to their successful campaign in 2019 when they funded Greek, Persian, Viking and Anglo-Saxon undead miniatures

Studio Miniatures Unleash A Quartet Of Killers Against Their Survivors


Studio Miniatures have dropped four fearsome new killers for fans of tabletop horror. People would do well to avoid these fierce filmatic figures as they stalk their way across the tabletop, hoping to eliminate some survivors as they go.

Cult Of Games XLBS: What Kills Your Love For A Game?


The Terrible Trio has lost a wheel this week and so a Terrific Teuton Tim is tacked on to complete the Triumvirate instead! So join Lloyd, Gerry and Pundancer as they have a natter about hobby and gaming and manage to do so without once mentioning HeroQuest! 

2020 HeroQuest Rehashed Rules & Region Locked WTF? #Weekender


Today on the OnTableTop Weekender! HeroQuest has been resurrected by Hasbro with a rehashed version of the original rule and region-locked to North America only, has this crowd funder missed the mark?

Plastic Pirates & Multi-pose Marines From Firelock Games Raise The Black Kickstarter.


Firelock Games have shown off the renders of the new multi-part plastic kits that will be a feature of the new Blood & Plunder starter set for Raise the Black.

4Ground Are Having All The Fun Of The Fair With The Dark City Range


4Ground have been previewing upcoming designs that will soon be available on their website to order and it looks like the Crazy Carnival is coming to town as part of the Gothic City range it's sure bring colour and fun to your table. Hopefully it won't attract disgruntled clowns while it's at it!

One Page Rules Bundle An Entire Dwarf Army For 3D Printers


One Page Rules have just bundled together an armies worth of STL files for a dwarven army and it's on their shop page on CGTraders right now with a 20% discount if you're looking to pick up a 3D bargin.

Unboxing: Late Saxons | Victrix


Today we're unboxing some Late Saxons/Anglo Danes from Victrix.

Iron Duke Miniatures British Annex The Orange River Sovereignty


Empress Miniatures have two new releases from the vaults of Iron Duke Miniatures they are packs of mid 19th-century British infantry that can be used for what is delightfully called colonial warfare. 

Artel W’s New Releases Bring A Woman’s Touch To The Grim Dark Future


Artel W have some new releases for fans of science fiction wargaming that are ideal for people looking to add some alternative characters to their games of Warhammer 40,000, or if you just want to paint some beautiful miniatures that are brimming full of character.

Wargames Atlantic Help Create Boundless Persia With A Flash Sale


I'm a big fan of Wargames Atlantic and their ethos of emptying my pockets as quickly as possible with their plastic kits. 

Studio Level Have The Battlepack For Gamers On The Go


Studio Level is a Polish Company who make handmade terrain to raise your tabletop wargames to the next level. They've done some superb work in the past with ranges of resin terrain and they are on Kickstarter with a campaign for a piece of kit that a lot of gamers who travel with their collections will love. 

Community Spotlight: Pulp Investigators, Demonic Engines & A Ship

1 month ago 7

Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week...

Mythical Pre-Orders Appear For Mortal Gods From Footsore, Miniatures & Games


If you missed out on the Kickstarter for Footsore Miniatures & Games' Mortal Gods: Mythic expansion then don't fret for Footsore have now got the range available to preorder on both the UK and North American sites and I have to say they're looking pretty stunning.

Cult of Games XLBS: A Treasure Chest Filled With Hobby & FoW British In the Works


Left unsupervised by the only responsible adult the terrible trio has a chance to kick back and chat about their hobby and yours as we ease our way into a lazy Sunday with a relaxing talk about our Hobby.

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