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New Age Of Sigmar Starter Sets To Get You Into Warhammer


Games Workshop has shown off the three new Starter Sets and more than you can use to get started in Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. There are a few different ways of diving into The Mortal Realms in line with what they've done in previous years for both Age Of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000.

Unboxing: Alpha & Bravo Spetsnaz Kits | Delta One Zero

3 weeks ago 3

Gerry gets into an unboxing of the Delta One Zero Alpha and Bravo Spetsnaz kits from Bonza Games for their Modern Warfare miniatures game.

V&V Miniatures Cast Stones With New Dark Age Irish Slingers


V&V Miniatures has updated their 28mm Dark Age collection with some new models for those who like their Irish. There is a new pack of Irish Slingers in the mix who are seeking to knock some invaders on their arse.V&V

Mythic Americas Inca Army Get New Core Troops From Warlord


Warlord Games has added new pre-orders into the mix for those wanting to add to their Inca armies in 28mm Fantasy/Historical wargame, Mythic Americas. New characters and troops are in the mix alongside a few pieces of terrain too.

Brand NEW Ork Miniatures Coming To Kill Team & Warhammer 40K!


This weekend saw another massive preview from Games Workshop looking ahead at releases for the next few weeks and months. Orks were the jewel in the crown this time around as they dived into an all-new edition of Kill Team and what to expect in Warhammer 40,000 too.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Where To Start With Our Hobby Piles & XLBS In A Post-Lockdown World?


Let's dive back into another episode of Cult Of Games XLBS as we talk more about the hobby we've been getting up to and some of our plans for the future that we'd like feedback on. 

Amazing RPG Maps For Budding D&D Heroes + Adventure In Oz On Kickstarter! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We check out some amazing RPG maps for D&D heroes plus join an Adventure In Oz over on Kickstarter!

Death Korps Of Krieg Clash With Orks In New Kill Team Set!


Games Workshop have dropped a quick trailer for their new and upcoming Kill Team boxed set. Ahead of the big reveal tomorrow we got a look at a new clash between Ork Kommandos and the Death Korps Of Krieg.

Gondor & Rohan Call For Aid In New Journeys In Middle-earth Expansion


Your Journeys In Middle-earth continue from the folks at Fantasy Flight Games as they look towards the new Spreading War expansion landing in October of 2021. Gondor and Rohan call for aid and you will answer!

[Operation Crimson Stone Week] Demo Game | Infinity CodeOne


Get stuck into a Demo Game of the new Infinity CodeOne Operation Crimson Stone boxed set! Ariadna takes on Nomads in this 28mm Sci-Fi clash from Corvus Belli. Who do you think will come out on top?

Snap Up New Old Town Ruins Bases From Kromlech!


Kromlech has now released a whole host of new bases for you to use when building your next army. The Old Town Ruins should be suitable for a variety of different genres and they also come in a variety of sizes too.

Spellcrow Showcase New 28mm Fantasy Orcs & Goblins


Spellcrow has been expanding its Fantasy miniatures collection with some new 28mm Orcs and Goblins. We start with the latest of their miniatures, the mighty Kar'ku!

[Operation Crimson Stone Week] Ariadna Unit Profiles | Infinity CodeOne


We're back for another video from the team at Corvus Belli. In this one, they look at the Ariadna Unit Profiles you'll get as part of Operation Crimson Stone. Are you tempted to choose them when diving into Infinity CodeOne?

New Franks & Conquistadors Previewed For Wargames Atlantic


Wargames Atlantic are as busy as ever. They have two new sets for you to take a peek at to support their Ancient/Dark Age collection and Conquistadors. We start with some Merovingian Franks.

[Operation Crimson Stone Week] Nomads Unit Profiles | Infinity CodeOne


We're back with the Nomads for this new Operation Crimson Stone Week video from Corvus Belli. In this video, they look at the new Unit Profiles that you'll be using for their Sci-Fi skirmish game, Infinity CodeOne.

Community Spotlight: Sculpting Faeries, Creepy Dolls & A Rustcrawler!


We check out some sculpting, a little bit of electronic wizardry and also a converted creation for Warhammer 40,000. A little bit of everything for you this week thanks to our community!

Atlantis Miniatures Release Their Stunning Wood Elves


Atlantis Miniatures has now released their stunning 28mm Wood Elf Fantasy miniatures onto their webstore! You can now (like me) work out how you could include them in your collection.

[Operation Crimson Stone Week] Ariadna Concept Design | Infinity CodeOne


In this video, the team at Corvus Belli look at the concept designs for the Ariadna of Operation Crimson Stone. See how these miniatures went from artwork to miniature and fit into the Sci-Fi world of Infinity!

New Mini-Campaign Planned For Warhost’s The Barons’ War


Andy Hobday of Warhost is going to be joining forces with Paul Hicks, Tom Mecredy and Steve Beckett once more for another mini-campaign for their 28mm Historical wargame, The Barons' War.

[Operation Crimson Stone Week] Ariadna Faction Spotlight | Infinity CodeOne


Come and dive into another Operation Crimson Stone Week video from the folks at Corvus Belli. Here we have them diving into a Faction Spotlight on Ariadna.

Build A Warband Of Satyrs For Footsore’s Mortal Gods Mythic


We've chatted about Mortal Gods and Mortal Gods Mythic a few times over the last week or so. Well, have you considered making a proper Fantasy warband using some Satyrs from Footsore Miniatures' 28mm collection? 

[Operation Crimson Stone Week] Nomads Concept Design | Infinity CodeOne


Join us for another Operation Crimson Stone Week video from Corvus Belli diving into the Nomads and the concept designs for their Sci-Fi wargame. Could this be your faction of choice?

Kromlech Tease More Greenskin Goodness For Orktober 2021!


Kromlech is already getting excited for Orktober 2021. Their newest teaser trailer gives us a hint at what's coming in the form of the Host Of Dredsmasha.

Gnomes & Toad Jousting From Northumbrian Tin Soldier!


Northumbrian Tin Soldier has been releasing their Fantasy Gnome miniatures of later including a few fellows atop warty toads. On top of that, they've also put together a fun set of FREE rules for taking on Toad Jousting with your diminutive friends!

[Operation Crimson Stone Week] Nomads Faction Spotlight | Infinity CodeOne


Corvus Belli are back with another video from Operation Crimson Stone Week. In this video, the team look at the Nomads. Learn about how they fit into their Sci-Fi world of Infinity in this faction spotlight.

Infinity’s Operation Crimson Stone Miniatures Gallery | Pre-Orders Now Live!


Operation Crimson Stone Week is now in full effect and Corvus Belli are now taking pre-orders for their newest Infinity CodeOne set.

[Operation Crimson Stone Week] Unboxing | Infinity CodeOne


In this first video from Operation Crimson Stone Week, the team at Corvus Belli have a look at what you get inside the new Crimson Stone box. Ariadna clashes with Nomads in this new Infinity CodeOne set!

Raging Heroes’ Paladin Knights Now Available On Patreon!


Raging Heroes has now made their latest set of 3D Printing STL Files available to snap up. Their Heroes Infinite Patreon is now offering up the Paladin Knights Of The Eternal Light to subscribers. All you need to do is pick your tier and you'll get a bunch of miniatures to print off at home.

New Warhammer 40K Preview To Feature Orks & Tyranids?


Another week and another Games Workshop preview coming this Saturday. The Octarius Mission Briefing is going to be hitting on 10th July 6pm BST and promises to feature something fun for Warhammer 40,000 Ork collectors.

More Stormcast & Orruks Follow New Age Of Sigmar Edition Release


Games Workshop continued with their previews for Warhammer Age Of Sigmar this weekend. The Dominion Day Livestream offered up a look at new miniatures for both the Stormcast Eternals and Orruk Warclans that will be joining your armies over the next few months.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Should RPGs Make For Good Skirmish Games?!


We delve into Gerry's obsession with Degenesis (and rightly so!) and ask whether roleplaying games should be perfect vehicles for skirmish miniatures games and board games!

The Best FREE RPG Yet! Epic Art & World – You NEED To Play Degenesis! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We check out the best FREE RPG yet! You NEED to play Degenesis and try out their epic world full of stunning art.

Take A Peek At Stargrave Metal Miniatures Coming Soon!


Later this year, North Star Military Figures and Osprey Games are going to be releasing some more miniatures for Stargrave. We've seen their plastic releases but they are also going to be supported by a selection of metal miniatures too.

New Star Elves & Beastfolk For Warploque’s July Patreon


Warploque Miniatures revealed their newest releases for their Patreon this week. July brings more 28/32mm and 10mm miniatures for you to print off at home. There is a nice mix of Fantasy miniatures for those who enjoy a bit of 3D Printing.

Loke & R.Talsorian Team Up With Official Cyberpunk Battle Mats


Loke BattleMats has announced that they have joined forces with R.Talsorian Games! Their CyberPunk Battle Mats are now official mats for those diving into games of Cyberpunk Red on the tabletop!

Community Spotlight: Napoleonics, Dreadknights & Super Fantasy Brawl!


We check out an awesomely painted French Infantry unit for Napoleonic wargaming, a very cool Warhammer 40K vignette and finally a bunch of heroes!

Warhammer 40,000’s Ork Wurrboyz Can Turn You Into Squigs!


Orks are soon going to be gracing the tabletops of the grimdark Sci-Fi future in Warhammer 40,000. With that in mind, Games Workshop has been putting together some sneak previews of upcoming miniatures. One such preview included the rather quirky Wurrboyz!

Lucid Eye Bring Ancient Mercenaries To Their Ziggurat World


Lucid Eye is expanding the world of Ziggurat even more with five more sets of metal miniatures. These could be used in your Historical games or for something a little more Fantasy-based if you want to get mythological!

Hagglethorn Hollow STL Terrain Files Now On Kickstarter


Printable Scenery has teamed up with Johnny Fraser-Allen and the team behind the amazing Hagglethorn Hollow terrain range to hit Kickstarter once more. Their hand-crafted Fantasy terrain has now been scanned and turned into high-resolution STL Files, optimised for 3D Printing at home. 

Wargames Atlantic Working On 02 Hundred Hours Plastic Kits


Grey For Now Games are working on their upcoming World War II wargame, 02 Hundred Hours and have now teamed up with Wargames Atlantic! Their team are going to be working with them to create plastic sets for use with this new 28mm miniatures game of stealth and subterfuge.

Kromlech Tease Upcoming Knights Of Ba’al Prime Range


Kromlech has another teaser for those who are looking to expand on their Sci-Fi Prime Legionaries collection. The Knights Of Ba'al are coming up later this summer!

Mythic Heroes Join Footsore’s Mortal Gods This Month


Footsore Miniatures & Games have expanded their collection of miniatures for use in Mortal Gods. The newest releases focus more on the "Mythic" side of things for the game but there are still a few Historical options in there too. 

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