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Grab A New Warmachine Commander & Dusk House Kallyss


Lots of folks have ordered their new Warmachine MKIV miniatures from Privateer Press for Cygnar and Orgoth but there is still more to come. Keeping with the Orgoth vibes, in particular, you can now pick up a new alternative Reaver Commander for use with your raiding forces in Immoren.

The Sorcerer Kings Voted Para Bellum’s New Conquest Army


The fans of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings have now voted and the Project 8 army has been picked. The next army coming to the world of Ea from Para Bellum Games is going to be The Sorcerer Kings with their powerful magics!

Escape From Arkham With Knight Games’ New Batman Board Game


Knight Games are looking to fund their brand new Batman board game, Escape From Arkham Asylum! Take on the role of villains from Batman's rogue's gallery and see if you can "work together" to formulate an escape plan and get yourselves out of the maximum security prison before Batman turns up to ruin the fun.

Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Historical Miniatures Galore; Wargames Atlantic The Best In The Biz? #OTTWeekender

2 weeks ago 39

It's OTT Weekender time! Fantasy, Sci-Fi AND Historical miniatures. Wargames Atlantic do pretty much everything that you could think of and they just don't seem to be stopping. Do they make the best plastic miniatures in the tabletop business right now?

Let’s Play: Batman – Escape From Arkham Asylum | Knight Games


Join us as we dive into a Let's Play of Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum which is coming to Gamefound on 24th January from Knight Games! Play as Batman's rogue's gallery of villains and see if you can escape before Batman gets you!

Para Bellum’s New Army! Pre-Order The City States Of Conquest


Para Bellum's newest army for Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings is now available to pre-order. You can battle as the mighty City States who are a fascinating army crafted using inspiration from historical and mythological elements from our own world.

Mantic Games’ Deadzone! The Perfect Alternative To Warhammer 40K & Kill Team? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We have a look at the excellent new Starter Set coming up for Mantic Games' Deadzone. This is turning out to be a perfect alternative to Warhammer 40K and their Sci-Fi skirmish game, Kill Team. 

Warmachine MK4 Core Army Starter Sets Available This Week


Privateer Press are going to be launching the release of their new Core Army Sets for Warmachine MKIV this week. Tomorrow (13th January 2023), you will be able to get your hands on the new Core Army Sets for Cygnar, Orgoth and Khador. 

Explore GCT’s Bushido In 2023 With Brand New Miniatures


A brand new set of releases have arrived for GCT Studio's Bushido and the start of 2023. New characters are coming out of the woodwork for a bunch of different factions, adding to this already fascinating 35mm Fantasy skirmish game that draws on Asian Mythology.

Forget Warhammer & Paint These Instead! New Conquest City States Miniatures Revealed! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! In this episode, we're having a look at the brand new City States miniatures for Para Bellum Games' Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings which would be brilliant to start off the new year. Forget Warhammer and paint these instead.

New Starter Set Coming To Para Bellum Games’ Conquest


Building on the few previews that we saw last week for what's next in Para Bellum Games' Conquest, there was also the teaser of the new Fantasy wargaming Two-Player Starter Set. It features the Nords clashing with The City States and those brand-spanking new miniatures. 

Battle Over A Promethean Complex With Warcradle Scenics


Warcradle Scenics has dropped another awesome terrain kit for those looking to play interesting scenarios in Wild West Exodus and beyond. The Promethean Complex looks like it will be a suitably explosive place for a showdown. 

Get A Peek At The City States Miniatures For Conquest!


Para Bellum Games recently previewed more of the next faction to arrive on the battlefields of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings. The City States are marching to war in all of their 35mm glory with new kits featuring epic infantry, monsters and more. 

Help Para Bellum Games Choose Conquest’s Next Faction!


Para Bellum Games have long used their living world to shape the current events allowing the players to do more than just play in Ea but to shape its development. Now with the upcoming launch of Project 8 they will be able to go further and pick the next army that will be worked on for release in the game!

Finest Dragon Miniatures For Fantasy Wargaming? We Think We Found Them! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We think we might have found the finest dragon miniatures for use in your fantasy wargaming. We have a look at some stunning miniatures from Cast N' Play for use in your Fantasy wargames and roleplaying adventures like Dungeons & Dragons.

Knight Games Escape From Arkham Once More In January 2023


Knight Games, the board game arm of Knight Models, are going to be coming to Gamefound in January 2023 with Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum. You might remember this project from a little while ago. Well, it is coming back to tabletops soon as you try and escape from a high-security prison. 

The Lore Of Conquest – The Hermits Of Samash | Para Bellum Spotlight Companion


Gerry is diving into the lore and background of the 35mm Fantasy wargame Conquest with Para Bellum Wargames with Konstantinos. This time, we learn about The Hermits Of Samash and delve into more Conquest lore for The Old Dominion.

Command Conquest’s Old Dominion With Mounted Strategos


Para Bellum Wargames have another fun miniature to snap up for the Old Dominion of Conquest this week. Leading from the front, an ancient general given new life, the Mounted Strategos is going to be charging into the heart of the action for this 35mm Fantasy wargame.

Twisted Kanephors & Karyatids Join Conquest’s Old Dominion


Para Bellum Wargames have offered up some more reinforcements for the followers of the Old Dominion in Conquest. Deadly constructs and spirits have come to life and now serve at the whim of dark masters in this 35mm Fantasy wargame.

Ludus Magnus’ Runar Kickstarter Enters Final 48 Hours!


The Viking board game, Runar, from Ludus Magnus Studio, is moving into its final forty-eight hours on Kickstarter! If you've been eager to dive in and check out this saga-worthy battler then you might want to snap it up before it's too late.

Snap Up Your Warcradle Studios Christmas Miniatures!


Warcradle Studios has now released their Christmas Miniatures for 2022! If you missed out on these in previous years, you can now snap up some fun Christmas-themed miniatures for Wild West Exodus and Mythos. 

Snap Up Conquest’s “Heavy Metal” Founder’s Exclusive Set 2022


Para Bellum Wargames has added a new Founder's Exclusive 2022 set to their webstore that builds on the epicness of their 35mm Fantasy wargaming world, Conquest. See what you make of "Heavy Metal" which is available to pre-order now.

Fight As A Band Of Viking Heroes In Ludus Magnus Studio’s Runar!


Ludus Magnus Studio are on Kickstarter right now with the launch of their big new Viking board game, Runar! As fans of all things Viking, this one certainly caught our eye. Band together with your warband of Viking heroes and hunt down Runic Gems and other relics whilst battling fierce monsters.

The Lore Of Conquest – A Flaw In The Theory Of Miracles | Para Bellum Spotlight Companion


Gerry is diving into the lore and background of the 35mm Fantasy wargame, Conquest, with Para Bellum Wargames and Konstantinos. This time, we learn about A Flaw In The Theory Of Miracles and delve into more Conquest lore.

Para Bellum Offer Up New Conquest Character Bundles


Para Bellum Wargames have put together a bunch of different bundles for those wanting to get their hands on more characters for their Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings armies. You could also use these as mighty leaders of your Conquest: First Blood warbands.

Snap Up Batman’s Rogues Gallery With Knight Models This Month


Knight Models is in the midst of a Black Friday Sale covering a variety of kits from different games. But, there are also some new packs for you to snap up specifically around the Batman Miniature Game. We start with a proper rogues gallery of options. 

Unboxing: Beasts Of Machairá Peat (Darklands) | Mierce Miniatures


Today's unboxing features some of the stunning Darklands miniatures collection by Mierce Miniatures. Here, Gerry has a look at the Beasts Of Machairá Peat for use in your Fantasy wargames. You might have seen these in one of our Cult Of Games XLBS shows when Gerry showed off his painted monsters.

Mechaniks & Shock Troops Previewed For Warmachine


Privateer Press has been previewing some of the new miniatures coming to support the forces of Khador when the new edition of Warmachine hits. Recently, we got a look at the Khador Winter Korps Battle Mechanik and a strange bit of tech.

Snag The Artisan Series Sea Jotnar For Para Bellum’s Conquest


If you're diving into Para Bellum's world of Conquest and want to get your hands on something special, how about the next step in the Artisan Series from Para Bellum, the Sea Jotnar?

Incarnate Sentinel Stomp Into Para Bellum’s Conquest


Para Bellum Wargames has been showing off another monstrous addition to the miniatures for the Spires of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings. The Incarnate Sentinels are going to crush those that stand before them in this 35mm Fantasy wargame. 

Warmachines’ Epic Elf Faction! New Dusk House Kallyss Miniatures Coming To MK4! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Another awesome preview from Privateer Press for Warmachine! We got a look at the new Dusk House Kallyss miniatures that are coming to MK4 soon. Do Warmachine now have the coolest Fantasy Elves?

Dusk House Kallyss Previewed For Warmachine MKIV


Privateer Press has been previewing new miniatures coming to the new edition of Warmachine. Dusk House Kallyss is looking dangerous and deadly and it seems like the miniatures could be super fun to paint!

Take Part In Conquest’s Wintery Abominable Snowman Event!


Para Bellum Wargames have put together a fun wintery event for folks to dive into when playing games of Conquest: First Blood. Take on First Blood's first "Boss Fight" encounter with the Abominable Snowman!

The Lore Of Conquest – The Hunter Cadre | Para Bellum Spotlight Companion


Gerry is diving into the lore and background of the 35mm Fantasy wargame Conquest with Para Bellum Wargames with Konstantinos. This time, we learn about The Hunter Cadre and delve into more Conquest lore.

Privateer Preview New Warmachine Warriors For Cygnar & Khador


Privateer Press has been previewing some more of the new units that are going to be popping up for Khador and Cygnar in Warmachine MKIV. The Winter Korps and Storm Legion are getting some neat-looking units starting with Khador's Man-O-War Suppressors.

Privateer Press Drop A Warmachine MKIV Progress Report


Privateer Press has updated folks on the progress of what's happening with the upcoming full release of Warmachine MKIV. 

A New Book Arrives For Wild West Exodus Fans, Lazarus!


If you're looking to get your head around more of the lore behind Warcradle's Wild West Exodus then take a peek at a new book coming out soon from acclaimed writer Sarah Cawkwell called Lazarus.

Battle Over Buckhorn Ranch For Warcradle’s Wild West Exodus


Warcradle Scenics has been working on a new terrain set for those battling it out on the frontiers of Wild West Exodus. See what you make of Buckhorn Ranch which comes packed with excellent, 32/35mm terrain for use in your Pulpy skirmishes. 

Unboxing: Batman Miniature Game | Knight Models

4 months ago 10

Dive into an unboxing of the core 35mm Batman Miniature Game set from Knight Models based on the 2022 Batman film starring Robert Pattinson. 

The Lore Of Conquest – Aettir And Tings | Para Bellum Spotlight Companion

4 months ago 3

Gerry is diving into the lore and background of the 35mm Fantasy wargame Conquest with Para Bellum Wargames with Konstantinos. This time, we learn about Aettir And Tings and delve into the lore of the Nords.

Amazing New Imperial Rangers & More For Para Bellum’s Conquest!


Para Bellum Wargames has put together an excellent set of new pre-orders for those playing as the Hundred Kingdoms in their games of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings and First Blood. Get a load of these 35mm Fantasy Imperial Rangers!

Test Your Painting On Blacksmith Miniatures’ Peat Bog Trio


Blacksmith Miniatures has another wonderful little trio of models for you to test your painting skills on. See what you make of the Peat Bog Trio which is such a charmingly amazing name that I couldn't pass up talking about these miniatures.

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