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Community Spotlight: Oldhammer Ogres, Grim Dwarves & Marvel!

1 year ago 8

Come and join us for another look at some awesome work from you folks in the community...

Weekender: The Perfect Time To Be A Fantasy Wargamer?

1 year ago 73

We've got a mix of both World War II awesomeness and Fantasy wargaming goodies to look at this week. Plus, Gerry gets excited about a great looking Ancients game!

I Am Groot! The Guardians Pop Up In Marvel: Crisis Protocol


Atomic Mass Games has shown off some previews of the next wave coming for Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

Atomic Mass’ Marvel: Crisis Protocol Releasing This Weekend!


This weekend you've got the chance to get yourself down to the tabletop to play Marvel: Crisis Protocol as the Atomic Mass Games superhero battler arrives in store.

Weekender XLBS: Getting Out Of Your Hobby Funk!


We chat to some of you folks in the community and discuss your hobby as well as what we've been up to!

Weekender: Infinity Defiance Kickstarter & FoW Campaign Launching Next Week!

1 year ago 96

We're talking about the Infinity: Defiance themed week firing up on Monday PLUS the epic Flames Of War Global Campaign which will be running for SIX weeks!

Thanos The Mad Titan Calmly Approaches Marvel: Crisis Protocol


Thanos is going to be dropping into the world of Marvel: Crisis Protocol, hopefully, next year.

Thor, Loki & A New Wave Of Marvel: Crisis Protocol Heroes Soon!


Atomic Mass Games keep up the tempo with releases for Marvel: Crisis Protocol as they show off some characters that got me rather excited.

Weekender: WIN Kings Of War Starter Sets + Harry Potter & Marvel Show And Tell


We're exploring some gaming sets which have caught our eye this week from the world of Harry Potter and Marvel PLUS we're giving away some Kings Of War Starter Sets!

Unboxing: Marvel Crisis Protocol


Gerry and Ryan postpone their off-camera discussion of which Marvel character has the best butt to unbox Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

Atomic Mass Preview Second Wave For Marvel: Crisis Protocol


Atomic Mass Games has previewed the second wave of releases coming your way for Marvel: Crisis Protocol which is going to be coming your way towards the tail end of this year. We're seeing some cool heroes and villains enter the mix!

V&V Protect Their Homeland With 40mm Aztec Warriors


V&V Miniatures work on some larger scale miniatures as well as their 28mm ones. The newest additions to their webstore were the new Aztec Warriors in 40mm.

Weekender: New Space Marine Codex Deep Dive!

2 years ago 43

We're taking a deep dive into the new Space Marine Codex plus looking at Signum Games' Dragon Hunters!

Marvel: Crisis Protocol Rules Preview – Does It Feel Super?


We take an early look at the rules for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Does it feel like it's going to be a fun jaunt into the Marvel-verse?

Atomic Mass Make Marvel: Crisis Protocol Rules Available


Atomic Mass Games has followed up on all of the hype from Gen Con for Marvel: Crisis Protocol with an option to download and read the rulebook right now.

Atomic Mass Reveal Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game!


Atomic Mass Games were hosted by Fantasy Flight last night to reveal something else with a Marvel spin.

Scalebro’s Hamsters Journey Begins On Kickstarter


Scalebro have now launched their Kickstarter for The Hamsters Journey, a set of 40mm scale figures for you to use in your Fantasy games.

Scalebro Take Hamsters On A New Fantasy Quest!


Cartoon Miniatures, also known as Scalebro, are going to be bringing a new range of anthropomorphic animal heroes to the tabletop.

Blind Io Gazes Into Micro Art’s Discworld


Sculptor Piotr Kupper has sculpted another of the Discworld deities coming to Micro Art. This time it is none other than the king of the gods; Blind Io.

Ride Into Battle With V&V’s 40mm Egyptian Chariot


V&V Miniatures flit between both 28mm and 40mm scale for a lot of their products and the latest release falls into the later of those categories with a grand Egyptian Chariot for you to take a look at.

Miniatures Sports Hit The Next Level With Zero Gravity Kickstarter


District Games has taken the concept of capture the flag and turned it on its head - literally! Zero Gravity is on Kickstarter now and pits fantasy/sci fi teams against one another in a 3D arena. Test out your strategy upside down!

Norsgard Shinobi Miniature And Chance To Choose Art


Preview of upcoming model from Norsgard

NeverRealm Industry Gleam with Stunning new Crystals


First of numerous new releases coming over the next few days from NeverRealm

Scibor Monsterous Miniatures Release Beautiful Celtic Ruins Bases


Now you can choose from 25mm, 32mm or 40mm Celtic Ruin bases from Scibor Miniatures

Weekender XLBS: Bitz & Chits; What’s Your Favourite Gaming Component?


Get stuck into a Weekender XLBS with us and talk epic miniatures and more!

Animal Warriors Come To Life On Kickstarter From Cartoon Miniatures


Whether you are looking to collect or looking to paint, the Cartoon Miniature Kickstarter has some amazing 40mm miniatures for just that! Check out the fantastic Ancient warriors of World of Belantir.

New 40mm Vikings Go Raiding From V&V Miniatures


V&V Miniatures continues to expand upon their Dark Age range with some new 40mm Vikings.

28mm Vikings & 40mm Knights Fight On From V&V Miniatures


Expanding their collection, even more, the folks at V&V Miniatures has now added a couple of additional sets to their webstore over the last week or so.

Prepare For A Siege With V&V Miniatures’ New Catapult


V&V Miniatures has shown off a new addition to their Historical collection. These 40mm figures might not exactly measure up for regular wargaming but the Medieval Catapult gives you a nice little diorama which could be good for a painting competition!

V&V Miniatures Fill You Full Of Holes With Chinese Artillery


V&V Miniatures are looking to stick you full of holes with their new 40mm scale set showing off a piece of Chinese Artillery.

V&V’s Saxon Warriors Test Your Dark Age Painting Skills


V&V Miniatures have now released another set of resin miniatures for those that enjoy the Dark Ages. Here we have their 40mm scale Anglo-Saxon Warriors.

Stunning Adventurer Models In Two Scales Heading To KS From Nocturna


If you've been looking for some stunning new adventurers to add to your collection, then you absolutely need to watch for the latest Kickstarter from Nocturna: The Quest, launching September 5th. Gorgeous, new minis in two different scales to speak to both the gamers and painters will be heading this way soon.

A 40mm Celtic Chariot Trundles Out Of V&V Miniatures


A 40mm Celtic Chariot for your painting pleasure has made its way onto the webstore of V&V Miniatures.

A New Swashbuckling Pirate Arrives From Albino Raven Miniatures


Albino Raven Miniatures has just released a new 40mm Pirate Girl mini. This mini is full of piraty character, complete with a parrot, and offers the perfect canvas to show off your painting skills.

Hit The High Seas With Albino Raven’s Quirky Pirates


Albino Raven have always got their eye on doing something a bit different and this is certainly the case with these two Pirates. We'll kick things off with Davy Crabs...

Broken Toad Introduces The Wonderland Transitions


Have you found yourself drawn to the beautiful resin busts from companies, but felt intimidated by the thought of painting on a larger scale?

Mark Your Victory With Tabletop Art Hero Bases


Tabletop Art have published pictures of WiPs of some upcoming new bases that will help you to set your miniatures up in true heroic fashion.

Ax Faction Sculpt Their Salute Orc


Ax Faction have shown off the WiP sculpt for their limited edition orc miniature Jack the Hack who will be turning them into Orc Faction at this year's Salute.

Kabuki’s First Knight Get Painted for His Box Art


The First Knight of Kabuki's Knights of Legend range is soon to be released and has just appeared fully painted for its box art.

Ax Faction Become Orc Faction with Salute Release


Ax Faction have announced that they will become Orc Faction for this year's Salute as they release their new orc bruiser Jack the Hack.

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