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Eclipse Miniatures Show Off Gautier Giroud’s 75mm Medusa


Eclipse Miniatures is a new company making their way into the industry and they have quite the stunning first model to show you

A Mighty Dwarf & Pirate Captain Now Available From Scale75


Scale75 have some new large-scale miniatures to throw into the ring for hobbyists and painters to get stuck into.

Black Crow Miniatures’ Wraith Available From Figone


Black Crow Miniatures have created a masterful miniature in Wraith.

Meet 72mm Dead End From Acolyte Miniatures


Acolyte Miniatures has recently added a 72mm model to their range for hobbyists and painters to get stuck into. Here we have Dead End.

Black Sun’s New Cyberpunk Girls & Rugged Warriors In 75mm


Black Sun Miniatures are back with some more impressive 75mm models for collectors and painters to get excited about.

A Cyber Beauty Leaps Onto The KLUKVA Webstore


KLUKVA Miniatures has added another new miniature to their webstore created by sculptor Gautier Giroud.

Meet Zhou & The Cleric, Fantastic New Terrible Kids Stuff Projects


Terrible Kids Stuff are back with some amazing new releases in the realm of 75mm and 32mm for collectors, painters and gamers.

Weekender: New Fabled Realms Faction & Naval Wargaming At Midway


Weekender XLBS: Metal vs Plastic – We have a new Champ?!


Make Terrible Kids Stuff’s Orc Your Next Painting Project


If you're into big painting projects we've got another prospect for you with Terrible Kids Stuff's Orc On Wolf which has recently joined their rather exquisite collection.

Aradia Miniatures Delve Into Hell With Dante’s Inferno Kickstarter


Aradia Miniatures has now taken to Kickstarter for a journey into Hell. They are going to be taking a literary and sculpting journey into The Divine Comedy with their selection of miniatures for Dante's Inferno.

The Mighty Dinotaure Stomps Onto Your Painting Desk From Figone


The fine folks at Figone have put together another awesome sculpt for you to get stuck into. This is the 75mm Dinotaure, a monstrous warrior worthy of a lot of time and attention from a hobbyist.

Kabuki’s Vixen Hunter Blasts Off In Search Of Bounties


Kabuki have given another familiar film figure their space vixen treatment as the Vixen Hunter goes up for pre-order.

Terrible Kids Stuff Unveil Their Dangerous Dark Elf & Sneaky Snake


Terrible Kids Stuff has added two new miniatures to their line up. One of them is from the world of Fantasy and the other would be at home rescuing people from a bombed out and dangerous New York City.

Weekender: Andy Chambers Unveils Warforged: First Contact & BoW Annual Awards Begin!


Join us for an awesome Weekender packed with news, interviews and the announcement of the BoW Gaming Awards 2016.

Black Sun Show Off Savage Beauty & Barbarians With New Beastmasters


If you're looking for a wild 75mm scale project to work on then you might want to head on over to the Black Sun Miniatures webstore where they have two new projects worth taking a closer look at.

Frazetta’s Barbarian Claims What’s Best In Life From Kabuki and Zealot


Zealot Miniatures have previewed the new Frank Frazetta themed sculpt that they are teaming up with Kabuki to produce; none other than the greatest hero of them all, Conan the Barbarian.

Mindwork Games Call On Limited Edition Bloodreaper


Mindwork Games delve into a realm of madness with their newest Limited Edition piece, The Bloodreaper. Standing at 80mm (75mm scale) this fellow is quite the creepy wanderer who you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.

Kabuki Release Their Kickstarted Death Dealer


After a very successful Kickstarter, Kabuki's new Death Dealer sculpture based on the classic art of Frank Frazetta has been released.

The Mighty Ajax Unlocked For Luxumbra’s Kickstarter


If you've not been following along with the Luxumbra Kickstarter, aiming to bring a range of busts and larger scales models to the tabletop, then you'll want to get stuck in. They have just unlocked Infinity's Ajax!

Luxumbra’s Kickstarter Begins Tomorrow!


Luxumbra's Kickstarter, which is focused on bringing you a series of awesome busts and larger scale models, is going to be launching tomorrow (February 14th)!

Weekender: Tabletop Tactics In The Digital World?


Welcome to The Weekender where we're delving into some awesomeness from this week.

Weekender XLBS: Paint Storage, Putty & Irish Beasts


It's time for us to delve into the awesomeness that is The Weekender XLBS where we have plenty to discuss!

Terrible Kids Stuff Shows Off First Release For 2017


Terrible Kids Stuff is showing off their first release for 2017 and it is a beaut!

Black Sun Miniatures’ Erynor Goes Hunting In 75mm Scale


Black Sun Miniatures has sculpted up the fantastic Erynor 'Eternal Wings' for their 75mm Scale Fantasy collection and he looks utterly astounding.

Terrible Kids Stuff Sculpt Up A Paul Bonner Goblin Shaman


Limited to 150 copies Terrible Kids Stuff have worked alongside Paul Bonner to bring one of his art pieces to life. See what you think of the Goblin Shaman.

Frazetta’s Death Dealer Masterpiece On Kickstarter With Kabuki


Kabuki Models have taken a lot of cues from Frank Frazetta's art direction when it comes to their own range of models and so now they're turning their attention back to his art with a model based on his work.

Bombshell Miniatures Offers The Golden Maelee Award At ReaperCon


As if Bombshell Miniatures' Maelee was cool enough in 28mm, have a look at her in 75mm! Bombshell Miniatures is sponsoring one of the awards at ReaperCon this weekend, and a Golden Maelee is the prize!

Hunt Dragons With Black Sun Miniatures’ New Warrior Woman


Black Sun Miniatures have now added another awesome 75mm sculpt to their webstore which looks like it would be an epic project for a hobbyist. See what you think of the Dragon Huntress.

Kabuki Announce Date Of Frazetta’s Masterpiece Kickstarter


On October 17th, Kabuki will be launching their Frazetta Masterpiece Kickstarter, looking to create a sculpt of the infamous Death Dealer.

Kabuki’s Limited Edition Vixen Lord Is Pre-Released Upon The Galaxy


Kabuki Models have put up their limited edition Vixen Lord for pre-order, the latest of their Sci-Fi pin-up models that bares a striking resemblance to a certain dark lord from a galaxy far, far away.

Kabuki Master Their Death Dealer Sculpt


Kabuki Models have almost finished work on the master for their upcoming 75mm mounted Death Dealer miniature and have just published a quick preview of the iconic fantasy horseman.

Another Stunning Piece On The Way From Broken Toad


Broken Toad has done it again, and have another beautiful piece in the works. The piece is called "Alas", and captures both beauty and dread as she contemplates the skull she holds.

Perry Miniatures Sculpt Up 75mm Captain David Gregory


Delving back into their own family history the Perry Twins have now added a 75mm to their collection for sale. Here we have Captain David Gregory of the 45th Foot serving at the Battle of Talavera in 1809.

A Masterful Orc Shaman Takes Shape From Figone


If you're a big fan of greenskins and Orcs of any persuasion then you want to check out Old Blood - Orc Shaman from Figone which is a brilliant looking model by Allan Carrasco.

Meet Scale75’s Father Of Asgard & His Mighty Hammer


Standing at 75mm in scale this new model from Scale75 is a rather impressive piece. Meet The Father Of Asgard...

Fire & Ice Miniatures Sculpt New 75mm Woman Warrior


Fire & Ice Miniatures have another 75mm Woman Warrior on the way which may potentially get a 28mm version somewhere down the line.

Take On The Bardic Last Chance Character From Scale75


Scale75 have added another character to their Fantasy line-up with The Last Chance. This chap is a Bard who looks like was enjoying a drink at the local tavern before quite the ruckus broke out!

Nocturna Models Invite You To Take On The Quest


Nocturna Models have begun a rather interesting project called The Quest. Their aim is to create a range of different character models which not only give you interesting miniatures to paint but also a narrative to explore.

Fire & Ice Miniatures To Sculpt New 75mm Barbarian


Fire & Ice Miniatures have begun work on creating a new 75mm Barbarian for hobbyists and painters to get stuck into on the hobby table.

Albino Raven Go Stalking With Their New Wasteland Soldier


Albino Raven have added another miniature to their 75mm range. Here we have the Stalker, a 3D print based off the likeness of a real person! He comes with some neat head options too depending on whether or not he's hanging around anywhere too toxic...

An Ursine Warrior Begins His Hunt With Albino Raven


We have another addition to the Albino Raven line-up in 75mm today as Warrior begins his hunt through the wilds in order to protect his tribe. See what you think of him below...

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