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3 Colours Up: Painting Calico Kate – Part One


Today Romain is painting some Relic Knights; the beautiful Calico Kate from the Star Nebula Corsairs range.

3 Colours Up: Painting A Predator – Part Four


If it bleeds, we can paint it! I'm back to end the tutorial on the Alien Vs Predator model from Prodos Games; the Predator.

3 Colours Up: Painting A Predator – Part Three


We've covered the basics, now it's time for some tone and shading of the model.

A Weekend With Angel: How To Paint Infinity Kum Riders Part Three


In the final part of this Weekend with Angel tutorial on the Kum Riders from Infinity we'll be taking a look at some more of the super-detailing and all the work that goes into the bases too!

A Weekend With Angel: How To Paint Infinity Kum Riders Part One!


We've got a real treat for you this weekend! On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the maestro of the (air)brush Angel Giraldez has taken some time to show us how to paint the awesome Kum Riders from Infinity! This is the model that won him best painted during the Beasts of War Awards 2014!

How To Paint A Deadzone Plague Commander Part 2!


It's time for the next stages of painting our Plague Commander for Deadzone in a H.R. Giger style! Romain moves on to adding lighting effects and showing off the shadows on this cool and creepy miniature.

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: How To Paint Nagash Part 2!


In part 2 of this how to paint tutorial of Nagash Duncan Rhodes shows us some tips and tricks for painting up the robes and spirits on the miniature...

Painting High Paladin Dartan Vilmon – Lava Glow Part 3


Romain is on to the final part of his source lighting tutorial and its looking fantastic. The final details see Romain adding the highlights and the last of the deeper shadows. Stay tuned as next time our master painter will be taking on another challenge as he paints the magical sword of High Paladin Dartan Vilmon!

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