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Anarchy Models: Diamond Harlequin Stencil Tutorial


Justin and Brian are back for another fantastic air brush tutorial this time showing off a simply amazing diamond pattern stencil on an Eldar Flyer. This one looks insanely cool. It can be a little fiddly but the end result will blow you away!

Anarchy Models: Three Layer Flame Stencil Tutorial!


Justin is joined by Brian from Anarchy Models to show of some more of the fantastic stencils that were successfully funded on Kickstarter. Today the guys are painting up a Legion of the Damned Rhino with a three layer flame pattern.

40K Tau Hex Camo With Anarchy Stencils!!!


Brian is back in the studio with Justin to show off another of his great stencil patterns. Today we get to see a really cool way to camo up your Tau vehicles! Don't forget to check out the kickstarter as it runs in to its last few days!

Airbrushing Flames & Scales With Anarchy Stencils!


Justin has brought Brian from Anarchy Models in to the studio for a tutorial on using an air brush and his cool new HD Stencil system and to kick off the guys will be looking at painting dragon scales and flames on a Salamanders Rhino.

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