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Vlog: Painting Kill Team Terrain


John takes the Kill Team terrain from Games Workshop and shows you the best techniques for painting your pieces quick and easy to get them ready for tabletop action!

Vlog – Back to Business


After a long few days of travelling we've returned home safe and sound.

Vlog: Building Fabled Realms BETA Weekend Tables – Part Two


The Fabled Realms Beta Weekend is creeping in and we're excited to be building our tables in the run up.

Vlog – Prepare Yourselves, Weekender Is Coming!


If you thought we'd be starving you of a Weekender this week, you're wrong! What has been the best thing coming out of Gen Con this year for you?

Vlog: On The Road To GenCon


Meanwhile, across the planet... Justin and Ben have met up with the Dames of Games and are preparing the road trip to Gen Con. *We apologise for the fashion trend in this video

VLog: Containment Of The Beast


VLOG: Building A Mega Pirate Gaming Table – Day Two


VLOG: Finished! The Mega Pirate Table In All It’s Glory


We’ve now finished work on the Pirate Cove tabletop for use with Firelock Games’ Blood & Plunder that we’ve been working on over the past week.

VLOG: Building A Mega Pirate Gaming Table – Day Five


Firelock Games arrive today and we're ploughing through the table build for Blood & Plunder with our flocking materials and a swinging bridge for those mischevious swabs to spring across.

VLOG: Building A Mega Pirate Gaming Table – Day Four


Lloyd begins Day Four of his massive Firelock Games Blood & Plunder table build.

VLOG: Building A Mega Pirate Gaming Table – Day Three


As Blood and Plunder looms towards the horizon line Lloyd is furiously stepping up the game to have the table set ready for Firelock Games.

VLOG: Win Big At Salute 2017


We've arrived at Salute. Ben's here and Lance is hiding away in the dark room editing away. We've got an awesome announcement to share!

VLOG: Army Painter & RuneWars Hobby Weekend Ahead


Runewars Boot Camp underway!

Vlog: A 2017 Cage Makeover


We've been very busy in January testing out some new equipment we've been able to get thanks to the amazing support that you, backstagers have been able to provide.

VLOG: Clamping Around The Office


Welcome to the first ever Vlog of 2017, with all the hectic goings on around the office we forgot about vlog!

VLOG: Christmas At BOW


It's been a hectic week here at Beast HQ and I've been working my button off to get the Christmas video ready for this year.

Vlog: Dropfleet Commander Week – Moons Complete & Final Layout


Lloyd's stolen the cameraman to continue his Moons, moving on to colouring and shading the craters on the surfaces.

Vlog: Vote for the Train Project


Today we're ecstatic to show you what we recently picked up, Trains!

Vlog: Beast 2.0, Battle Reports & Tiny Tables


It's a busy week in the studio here and we regret to announce that there will be no Weekender show this week. However, we have some epic stuff instead!

Vlog: Team Yankee Tanks! & New Campaign Coming Soon!


The heatwave has struck and we're a little delirious around the studio

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