Fantasy Flight Show Off Talisman The Firelands Heroes

February 18, 2014 by brennon

Fans of Talisman will be happy to know that The Firelands Expansion is just around the corner. Fantasy Flight Games are getting you excited for that with a preview of some of the new heroes on offer. See what you think of the Djinn and the Nomad...

Firelands Expansion

The expansion comes with four new heroes but the focus of this recent preview was the two mentioned above. The other two heroes are the Dervish and the Warlord who will most likely get more of a look in soon.

Djinn Blooded


The artwork for a start is awesome and adds some interesting character to the world of Talisman. The Djinn is a masterful spellcaster and will be firing them off all over the place. He even has an innate ability to absorb some spells and then fire them back at his aggressors.

The Nomad has great board control and can start anywhere on the board. As well as that she is able to avoid danger from cards and if she wants to she can even stop moving and encounter the same space again.

It certainly seems like it's added another level to Talisman proceedings.

Will you pick it up?

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