Take Talisman To The Firelands With New Expansion

December 18, 2013 by brennon

It's time to begin expanding your Talisman experience by Fantasy Flight Games with the newest one to be hitting soon, The Firelands. It comes with new heroes and adventures to undertake.

Talisman Fire Lands Expansion

The first thing that will make things awesome is the inclusion of some more heroes including the Warlord, Dervish, Jin and Nomad all of which come with a very cool little miniature.

Warlord Hero

Talisman Sample Cards

The lands of fire are also deadly in many ways and where some cards might be discarded in other expansions or the base game here they can be burnt away and taken out of the game entirely. New terrain cards also add some alternatives to the mix so you won't be treading the same path all the time.

If you're a big Talisman fan this could be ace and I reckon this will pop up in a lot of gamers households over the Christmas period.

Will you walk the Firelands?

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