Battlefront Bring The Free Nations Into Play For Team Yankee

April 16, 2018 by brennon

The Battlefront team, as you might have heard over the weekend, have been working towards a new book for Team Yankee. Free Nations brings into play Canadian, French, Dutch and Australian Forces for you to use in World War III.

Free Nations Book - Team Yankee

Adding more options for you to play around with in Team Yankee is always good, pushing you to do some gaming in the gaps and such. This book contains information on...

  • Background on the 4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, French Armée de Terre, the Netherlands 1. Korps, and the Australian and New Zealand ANZAC Brigade.
  • Instructions on how to build...
    • A Canadian Leopard C1 Armoured Squadron or an M113 Mechanized Company,
    • A French AMX-30 Escadron Blindé, AMX-10P Compagnie de Chasseurs, AMX-10 RC Escadron de Cavalerie, or VAB Compagnie d’Infanterie,
    • A Dutch Leopard 2 Tank Eskadron, Leopard 1 Tank Eskadron, Pantserinfanterie Compagnie, or Verkennings Eskadron,
    • An Australian Leopard AS1 Armoured Squadron, or M113 Mechanised Company.
  • Three scenarios featuring the forces of Free Nations.
  • A detailed painting guide to help you prepare your army.

Which all sounds rather awesome indeed. Of course, this book isn't the only option available for you as you will need some armies to play as. That's where these guys come in.

New Allies

The first of the new boxes is NATO's First Line.

Nato's First Line - Team Yankee

The box comes with some ace plastic models to get you going as well as the additional accessories, transfers and such that you need to mark them up. You will get three Leopard I Tanks and two BO-105 Helicopters which will be protecting them in their advance.

As well as this you have the French forces joining the fighting with their own units. Durand's Devils are ready to make the enemy pay.

Durand's Devils - Team Yankee

You get the same sort of accessories here as well as plastic models for the AMX-30 Tanks or AMX AuF1 SP Howitzers (depending on your preferences) and also some air support in the form of the Gazelle Helicopters which look awesome, like little dragonflies!

What do you think of these sets and which one will you be picking up?

"The first of the new boxes is NATO's First Line..."

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