Team Yankee: Firestorm Red Thunder Campaign – Last Chance To Get Involved!

September 22, 2017 by crew

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The Team Yankee Firestorm: Red Thunder Campaign is coming to a close with this weekend signalling the last opportunity for players to get involved…


… of course, since the Battlefront team have extended it by another weekend that just means one more chance to win some prizes for getting involved in the event.


Firestorm: Red Thunder will also be setting the scene for a follow-on campaign scheduled to happen later in the year so games played (and reported now) will have an effect on how the next stage till play out.
Warsaw Pact Breaks Stalemate!


The conference in Moscow seems to have produced a decisive change in Warsaw Pact strategy.

There are solid reports of first-line units being withdrawn from the Amsterdam, Hanover, and Niederbayern sectors.

A major push on the Ruhr and Frankfurt sectors has made significant gains and appears to be a result of this redeployment. This is close to closing the pocket encircling the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) with a narrow corridor running south through Kassel being their only lifeline.

New Thrust Surprises NATO

In a surprise attack, the Soviet high command launched renewed thrusts on the Ruhr and Frankfurt in an effort to encircle the British Army on the Rhine (BAOR). NATO forces are fighting tooth and nail to maintain a corridor through Kassel to the embattled British force.


Heavy fighting on the Leipzig-Berlin axis is wearing down the Warsaw Pact forces, but NATO is making very little headway in its offensive

On the flanks, NATO forces are making significant headway. It appears that the Soviet high command has withdrawn most of their first-rate formations from Amsterdam in the north and Niederbayern in the south, allowing British and German forces to regain much of the ground lost in the initial offensive. At the same time, pressure on the British in the Hanover Pocket seems to be lessening significantly.

There is speculation amongst the intelligence community that the Soviet command has fallen afoul of poor quality reports coming from local commanders claiming greater success than had actually been achieved, while the quality of intelligence coming into NATO command has allowed them to take advantage of this weakness.

Battlefront Studio Team Attacking On All Fronts

The New Zealand Studio team has been getting stuck in and playing some seriously big games. If you haven’t had a chance to check out their efforts then have a look now.


Don’t forget, this weekend is your last chance to get involved so roll out your tanks now and fight for apple pie, sauerkraut, bubble and squeak or borscht!

Get Involved!

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