Team Yankee Online Campaign Incoming – Firestorm: Red Thunder

August 8, 2017 by crew

Join in with Firestorm: Red Thunder, a new online campaign starting this weekend from the folks at Battlefront Miniatures as they tell us a tale of a war that never was set in the world of Team Yankee.

Team Yankee Online Campaign Incoming

Will you be fighting as the Warsaw Pact and the Soviets or East Germans rolling into Western Europe or will you fight alongside your NATO allies as the British, Americans or West Germans?

What's The Campaign About?

Getting you in the mood, here's our first dose of intel on the situation in Europe...

"On Sunday, 4th August 1985, Warsaw Pact forces crossed the border into West Germany striking for the Rhine and the ports of the Netherlands in a lightning campaign. If they can succeed, they will force the West to sue for peace and restore the strength of the Soviet economy.

This campaign covers the opening week of the war as NATO struggles to recover from the surprise attack and limit the Soviet incursions while preparing a counterattack." it's now all up to you folks to tell the story of how this campaign will end.

Take The Campaign Online

You will be able to access the Firestorm: Red Thunder campaign website and delve deeper into the conflict with players from all over the world.

Throughout the campaign, you will be able to post your battle reports, submit images of your games in progress and write up the details of your conflicts.

You will also be able to talk with your fellow commanders and earn achievements as you battle it out with the enemy and try and secure victories for your forces if you're playing as the British, Americans and the West Germans...

Team Yankee Online Campaign Incoming

...or as the invaders as part of the Warsaw Pact. All of your results will be catalogued and stored so you can see the fluctuating progress of your armies and where you might need to deploy your forces next.

Team Yankee Online Campaign Incoming

As things progress the campaign will unlock further theatres and scenarios for you to play developing a narrative that YOU have helped create.

Playing Offline; The Red Thunder Battle Board

To help you in the process of planning out and playing your campaign at home away from the online version you can grab yourself a Battle Board from Battlefront.

Battle Board

"The campaign consists of a series of Team Yankee games in which players attempt to capture areas from the enemy or recover those lost in earlier games.

Each time a player wins a game they receive a Victory pin. Once all the Victory pins have been won, the campaign is over and the side holding cities of the greatest value wins.

When a pair of players want to play a game, they Grab a Victory Pin, Place a Battle Arrow, Play a Game, Award the Victory Pin, and then Capture Areas."

This helps you to recreate the campaign with your friends at home without the need to use the online campaign system. However, there's no reason you can't log your results on both your Battle Board at home and using the online campaign.

Getting Involved

Firestorm: Red Thunder is a fantastic opportunity to tell a great story in the world of Team Yankee and influence an unfolding narrative. Throughout the online campaign, there will be updates on all manner of topics including battle report analyses, prizes to be given out, and much more besides.

Keep an eye out for...

  • In Store Gaming: tell your local store to order their Firestorm: Red Thunder kit today. Each kit has enough Battle Arrows and Victory Pins for fifteen games and additional packs can be purchased.
  • Beasts Of War: in conjunction with us here at Beasts Of War there will be an online version of the campaign where you can log results and watch as the battle lines shift in response to each side's Victories.
  • Social Media: Keep an eye on the Team Yankee Facebook GroupInstagram and Twitter accounts for the latest news and information.

We hope you all get involved and it will be fun seeing this evolve over the coming weeks.

Let us know if you’ll be playing below!

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