New Team Yankee German Stat Previews Appear Online

June 13, 2016 by brennon

Battlefront have dropped a range of previews online for the various vehicles that are going to be making up the German contingent within Leopard, the new expansion to Team Yankee which brings in the West Germans to join the conflict...

Leopard 1

Leopard 2

We kicked things off with the Leopard tank itself above which looks like a fantastic tank. I love the look of it regardless of how it might be stat-wise. Of course as well as tanks they have some other vehicles too for transporting troops.

Fuchs Transport

...and shooting from afar with dangerous batteries of rockets.


I'm going to show off some more of the vehicle profiles below and you can let me know in the comments what you're going to be taking!



M113 OP

M113 Panzermorser

There appears to be a good array of different vehicles for the various jobs they might have to fulfil on the battlefield. For example the Panzermorser above has the amphibious quality meaning that it will be fording rivers and such without a problem.

Marder Panzergrenadier Zug

Mrader Panzergrenadier Kompanie

You can spy some of the infantry that they're going to be using here and the armoured support that roles up alongside them. These rifle teams also come with options for panzerfaust and more. They almost have a bit of a futuristic look to them which is neat.

Panzer Kompanie

Panzeraufklarungs Kompanie

Panzeraufklarungs Zug

So there you have it. A massive bunch of profiles for what's coming in Team Yankee when the Leopard book comes out. Considering this big ol' dump of information we'd love you to put your thoughts below and let us know what you're going to be using and which vehicles you like the best.

What appeals to you?

" can let me know in the comments what you're going to be taking!"

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