Team Yankee Leopard Pre-Orders Pop Up From Battlefront

July 4, 2016 by brennon

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Battlefront have now put together the entire Pre-Order List for Team Yankee's new expansion, Leopard, over on their webstore. These releases are going to run throughout all of July and into August so you have two whole months to get excited about the game...

Kampfgruppe Muller

Leading the way we have the Kampfgruppe Muller set above which will act as your Army Deal/Starter Force for Leopard giving you a whole bunch of awesome looking German tanks and the Helicopters, which we'll show off later.

Of course with all of these sets you're going to get the cards and gubbins you need to play with them too. So, let's get started with the armour...

German Armour

Without further ado lets see what's coming for the Germans in terms of vehicles.

Fuchs Transport

Gepard Flak Batterie

Jaguard Jagdpanzer Zug

As you can see it's not just the regular tanks that are appearing throughout the two months. We've got a lot of Anti-Air vehicles, support for infantry and even transports which will help get them into the action.

Lars Rakentenwerfer Batterie

Leopard 1 Panzer Zug

Luchs Spah Trupp

I really like the vehicles for the Germans. As I've mentioned before I think they look rough and ready for action plus with a little bit of a Near-Future and/or Sci-Fi look to them. The Luchs Spah Trupp represents that very well indeed.

Also, who could pass up big trucks covered in rockets!?

Roland Flak Batterie

M109G Artillerie Batterie

M113 Panzermorser Zug

Marder Zug

All of these models look great and the camouflage patterns are something I'd be interested in seeing done as I think the techniques for it have produced a neat finish.

But this isn't all they have in store for you.


As well as the big tanks, vehicles, support and all that they also have some very useful infantry teams which are there to take and hold objectives.

Panzergrenadier Zug

Fliegerfaust Gruppe

The two sets already previewed by Battlefront give you the key basic infantry and then another set which come with more rocket launchers for dealing with all those vehicles which are going to be rolling around.

Taking To The Skies

Fighting in the skies above and supporting the battle on the ground we also have the upcoming release of the PAH Anti-Tank Helicopter Flight and the Tornado Strike Flight.

Pah Anti Tank Helicopter Flight

Tornado Strike Flight

The Tornados in particular are looking utterly sublime - a great jet and one that I think is rather iconic. I love the shape of it, once again crossing that line between the need for something 'Modern' and futuristic. They will certainly be hurtling across a fair few battlefields I reckon.

Talking of the battlefields you'll be running around on there is actually new terrain on the way too.

Fast Food & Farming

Showing off the clash of worlds happening during this period of history they have got this neat Fast Food Restaurant and...

Fast Food Restaurant

...a nice Farm which would be great for objectives and of course as simple set dressing in Team Yankee.

European Farm

Is your interest sufficiently peaked by all of this loveliness from Battlefront?

What will you be ordering?

"I think they look rough and ready for action plus with a little bit of a Near-Future and/or Sci-Fi look to them. The Luchs Spah Trupp represents that very well indeed..."

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