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Team Yankee Leopard Week – Which Faction Has The Best Tactics?


As the week draws to a close we ask,
which Team Yankee faction do you support?
We’ll also be exploring the Core Tactics
of each that appeal to us.

Team Yankee Leopard Week – What About The Nukes?


The big question today! How would you introduce the nuclear solution into the mix for your games of Team Yankee?

Team Yankee Leopard Week – Top Trumps! Who Has The Best Air/Anti-Air Units In The Game?


As with the Armoured Units in the
game we find out who has the best
Air/Anti-Air Units in Team Yankee
Top Trumps style!

Team Yankee Leopard Week – Top Trumps! Who Has The Best Armoured Units?


Using the age old settler of arguments,
Top Trumps, we find out who has the
best Armoured Units in Team Yankee.

Team Yankee Leopard Week Battle Report – West Germans VS Soviets


We get down to it with a Team Yankee Battle Report between the Soviets and the new West Germans for Leopard Week!

Team Yankee Leopard Week – Planning A Campaign With Red Storm Rising


We plan a campaign based in Iceland for
Battlefront’s Team Yankee by using the
book Red Storm Rising as inspiration.
It’s time to get those West Germans
into the narrative.

Team Yankee Leopard Week – We Paint A Full West German Army

John has been set loose upon the West
Germans from Team Yankee’s new book;
Leopard and you can see how he painted
the WHOLE army within…

Team Yankee Leopard Week – Will The Conflict Spread To New Theatres?


We quiz Phil Yates about where
the narrative is going and what
new Theatres might pop up
in Team Yankee.

Will this mean new
Nations too?

Team Yankee Leopard Week – Creating Modern Battlefield Terrain


The battlefield you play on makes all the difference in games so we take some time to talk about creating Modern Battlefield Terrain for Team Yankee.

Team Yankee Leopard Week – New Germans Join World War III & Welcome To The Week!


We welcome you to Leopard Week for
Team Yankee here on Beasts of
War and get stuck into what’s
new for the West Germans!