New Plastic Soviet Riflemen Kits Arrive For Battlefront’s Team Yankee

November 23, 2017 by brennon

Battlefront has some new releases on the way for you Soviet players out there getting stuck into Team Yankee. I've always wanted to see more infantry in the game and it looks like this block of new products delivers.

Motor Rifle Company (Plastic)

One of the big releases for the month includes the Motor Rifle Company which includes two PKM LMG teams, nine RPG-7 Anti-tank Teams, one SA-14 Gremlin AA Missile Team, ten AK-74 Teams and one Formation Command Team.

This is a good selection of infantry to bring to the tabletop and some of their regular soldiers are even armed with underslung grenade launchers too. It seems like a one-stop shop for ways to counter the enemy armour and infantry.

You can then match this with the Motor Rifle Platoon which offers you up a smaller section of soldiers to use on the tabletop.

Motor Rifle Platoon (Plastic)

These kinds of troops can mount up inside the HIND helicopters and be deployed across the battlefield giving you access to objectives quickly and effectively.

Some more specialised options are also available for you to snap up as a Soviet commander including the Motor Rifles Heavy Weapons set...

Motor Rifle Heavy Weapons (Plastic)

...and the Afgantsy Heavy Weapons set too. Each of these comes with grenade launchers, missile launchers and more. The Afgantsy are veteran fighters which gives them an unbeatable edge when it comes to exchanging firepower with the enemy.

Are you tempted by more plastic Soviet troops for Team Yankee?

"I've always wanted to see more infantry in the game..."

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